The hair of a lady is considered her most beautiful crowning glory. Hair is among the many precious gifts of God that helps one appear attractive. Hairstyles play an important part in enhancing the look of women. The style that you choose will suit different facial shapes and hair length. Medium length hairstyles are the most popular style that flatters every face. Hair color also plays crucial roles in staying fashionable. There are many shades to choose from a variety of styles and types of hair. For medium-length hair, it is possible to go for a broad color or highlight them using any shade that will highlight the hair’s appearance and highlight the cut. Streaks are also a great way to create a more dramatic look to the face since colored hair is much bigger and more noticeable than highlights which creates a more striking contrast with the base color. By coloring the tresses, you can completely change the look and manner of dressing.

In the past, dyeing hair was a technique that involved treating hair with natural dyes and chemical mix. The primary reason for hair dyeing was to cover white or gray hair, but in recent times, it was a trend to alter the hair’s color depending on one’s preferences. Selecting the correct hair color will complement your skin tone. If your hair is lacking the texture and shine, it appears dull. Color can add luster and volume to your hair, giving it an attractive, glossy look. Hairstyles that are medium in length provide a fresh look , and also enhance the beauty of your hair, making you feel more confident. There are a few advantages of hair color , too. It can help cover hair that is white or gray and disguise the signs of aging. Colored hair seals the cuticle, making hair look healthier. There are some rules that you must adhere to in order to keep your hairstyle that has color. It will last longer if you take care of it. Cleanse your hair using shampoo that protects your hair from color. The color can cause your hair to become rough, so you must maintain your hair regularly. Make sure your hair is moisturized and trim it when necessary to show them in the way you like.

Medium Hairstyles and Colors:

Shoulder Length Highlighted Hair

This is a stunning medium hairstyle that’s trendy these days. This hairstyle has shades of brown which vary from dark to a tint. The hair from the root to a few inches is almost black, which makes these hairstyles look elegant. The dark brown color in the cool tone at the end melds well along with the darker brown of the upper part, making it appear beautiful. Hair length goes from shoulder to shoulder, meaning it is easy to carry them. At any time, you are able to flaunt this style.

Medium Balayage Wavy Hair

The style is so trendy that everyone will want to wear it. To give the look of texture to wavy and short hair, this color is ideal. This makes hair shiny and adds waves for a more attractive look. This style is perfect for thick and long hair that is wavy. Dark brown hair with a tint of chocolate coloring at the base and a light shade at the top that is merged to create a gorgeous hair. This hairstyle has layers cut in such a way that the hair’s color is accented.

Mid-Length Ash Brown Hair

In this particular style, the length of the hair is kept to a moderate length. Numerous shades of colors are employed to create a flattering look. They blend so well that the hairstyle has an elegant look. The process employed to create this hairstyle is highly artistic. Every color that is available, from brown to ash or cool to beige, and caramel to cool each is infused with skill to produce the stunning gorgeous locks. Hairs are cut layers to ensure that the colors chosen are perfectly highlighted. The icing on the cake is the side long bangs look great on the face, making it a hair turner.

Stunning Brown Blonde Highlighted Hair:

The hairstyle, which is short in length, is beautiful with subtle coffee-colored highlights through this dark brunette hair. This adds a touch of elegance to the gorgeous hairstyle. The hair’s roots are left in their original dark brown. The shades and the tints of brown are mixed with light and soft curls. This look is great with hair that is thick. Any time of the year, it can be stylish.

Reverse Bob Cut in Thick Hair

In this fashion, the cut is symmetrical. It was kept short in the back and slightly longer in the front, creating an amazing appearance. The long bang on one side adds frames to the look. The dark brown shade is highlighted by a hint of pink, and is a very subtle shade of brown. The hairstyle is straight and looks soft and delicate. This hairstyle is suitable for those who prefer to be less involved in hair styling.

Curly Pink Blonde Hair

Curly hair isn’t more boring. You can opt for this adorable curly long hairstyle. The style looks amazing with shades that have a tint of beige and pink mixed together to make the hair fashionable. A pink tint on the top of the hair is faded as it is falling down, creating an appearance of bleach at the end. And the soft curls appear elegantly cut.

Shoulder Length Ombre Hair

This cut of shoulder length is gorgeous enough to showcase your hair in fashion. If you have a broad jawline and a wide jawline, then go with this look as hairs cover the larger portion of the face, creating the appearance of a balanced face. With the ombre technique, color is blended into lighter to darker shades, while keeping the ends nearly bleached. The hair’s roots remain in their natural colors which makes it appear chic.

Cinnamon Gold Color Blunt Hairstyle

After seeing this hairstyle, you’ll be tempted to get it. Any shoulder length hair is gorgeous. The shade used here is cinnamon gold that creates a gorgeous hairstyle. Hairs here are straight, which means it takes only a few minutes to create the look. When you part the hairs in the middle, they are evenly distributed across each side of your face, which makes the appearance stylish.

Glamorous Long Bob Cut

Medium length hairs are perfect for all styles. It is a haircut that is unique and is cut short from the back, and the front section is slightly longer, resembling Asymmetrical bob cuts. Hair’s thickness adds a stylish look. The red hue is evident throughout hair, giving it a shiny and a glamorous look. The hairs hang down one side, giving the appearance of a beautiful.

Medium Long Hair with Pink Highlights

It is hard to imagine that the pink color with its many shades can look so stunning on hair. Here , the stylist has highlighted lighter shades of pink to create a unique look. Hairs that are shoulder-length look like they are wavy, making them more stylish. The reflection of shades of color can be seen through the side parted.


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