There’s something about pixie haircuts that is so enticing. People see them on celebrities and love them, but then when it comes to sporting the hairstyle themselves, they tend to shy away a little bit. While it is experimental, pixie cuts bring a certain kind of edge to anyone’s vibe. Now, one might assume that there is only one pixie style out there––but guess what? There are so many pixie cuts to choose from when it comes to short and stylish hairdos. These modern pixie hairstyles are suited for different hair types and hair lengths, and make for the perfect all-year-round go-to, that instantly refreshes your look. Few hairstyles are as empowering as a pixie. Bold but feminine, they grant you confidence and make a bold beauty statement. If your hair could use a little change and you are ready for something manageable and effortlessly chic, check out these trendy varieties of a messy pixie hairstyle.

1. Razor Cut Short Pixie

Razor cutting is a popular technique that adds texture to your short hair and softens the ends. Naturally wavy hair looks stunning razor cut into a pixie hairstyle. The messy texture enhances tenderness and femininity.

Messy Chocolate Brown Pixie

2. Salt and Pepper Messy Pixie

Sport your grays with fresh confidence with a pointy pixie haircut. Natural gray peeking through the pixie cut lends an extra dimension to short hairstyles. Throw in several silver highlights to boost the effect.

Beautiful Salt and Papper Pixie Look

3. Messy Pixie Bob with Elongated Bangs

Modern and bold, this blonde pixie cut with bangs manifests freedom and versatility. Customize the look by playing with a flat or curling iron, sweeping your hair back or sideways to explore cute messy styles. It’s also a great middle ground between long hair and short pixie haircuts.

Messy Blonde Pixie Bob Hairstyle

4. Charming Side Swept Pixie Bob

This adorable messy pixie bob conquers with its charm and simplicity. Styling comes easy with pixie cuts: warm a dollop of texturizing cream in your hands and comb your fingers through your pixie haircut. Works like a charm!

Asymmetric Pixie with Blonde Highlights

5. Edgy Pixie

Adding dimension on top is a failproof way to forge a captivating short hairstyle. Spiky tufts of hair give an edge to a sweet blonde pixie cut. This edgy short pixie is a great way to show off your playful personality.

Boyish Platinum Blonde Spiky Pixie

6. Messy Pixie Cut with Bangs for Thick Hair

Pixie haircuts work wonders for thick hair removing the bulk of hair that weighs itself down. This messy pixie hairstyle has the top and side tresses swept forward to blend with choppy bangs.

Bowl Cut Pixie with Tousled Texture

7. Messy Pixie Cut with Caramel Highlights

Sun-bleached tresses add summertime freshness to messy hairstyles all year around. A soft new shade draws just enough attention to your hair texture and adds that airy feathery feel to your hair. This highlighting technique makes a pixie for fine hair look more voluminous.

Dark Messy Pixie with Chunky Copper Highlights

8. Blazing Textured Pixie

One of the undeniable benefits of short hairstyles is that they are color experiment friendly. Create a unique combo by fusing a hot shade of flaming orange with a messy pixie cut for a one-of-a-kind short hairstyle.

Ginger Messy Pixie with Bangs

9. Berry Blonde Pixie

This short pixie cut looks even better in berry blonde. A stylist’s tip: when platinum blonde hair seems too flashy, tone it an interesting shade. This blonde pixie with a tousled texture on top and neat slicked-down sides gives off a sweet feminine vibe.

Ash Blonde Pixie for Straight Fine Hair

10. Pixie Bob with Long Side Bangs

Bold and feminine, this asymmetrical pixie cut with elongated bangs is absolutely charming. It’s one of the most low-maintenance and versatile pixie hairstyles, as the fringe can be worn on the other side or secured back with bobby pins.

Messy Pixie with Side Swept Bangs for Thick Hair


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