Who doesn’t know the allure of an angled bob with a refined A-line shape? Well, you can leverage the same idea on shorter length with an A-line pixie hairstyle that is longer in the front and shorter in the back. Whether you opt for a slight or a bolder steep angle, the cut will sassily open up your neck and elongate it visually. If you’re bored with your current hair and you want a fresh new style, A-line pixie hairstyle may be a great idea for you! Check out these fresh ideas to find the look to suit your personality and style.

1. Tousled Side-Swept Bixie

If you’re feeling confident and adventurous, you will love this gorgeous A-line pixie bob, full of captivating volume and charming allure. A deep side parting can accentuate the asymmetry of your haircut, allowing you to make quite a statement with this chic look.

Voluminous A Line Pixie for Thick Hair

2. Textured Pixie Bob with Baby Bangs

Showcase your gorgeous wavy hair with confidence by opting for this long pixie cut with textured layers. The side parting and micro bangs focus all attention on the voluminous top, while layering makes the ends airy and lightweight.

Messy A Line Pixie with Textured Layers

3. Sleek Textured Pixie

Here, the softly graduated layers craft an elegant shape full of volume and texture. You can style them using appropriate styling products, like sprays, creams, or pomades, to achieve this sleek appearance, or curl your short hair for an effortlessly messy look.

Smooth A Line Pixie with Gradual Layers

4. Disconnected Pixie for Thin Hair

Rocking this stunning and effortlessly chic short hairstyle is a great way to showcase your exceptional sense of style. Pay attention to the natural, soft brown roots that give a perfect contrast to the buttery blonde shade. If you need to blend regrown hair with the rest of your strands, use a mini weave technique as the stylist, Briana Cisneros, did here.

Long Blonde Pixie with Disconnected Layers

5. Sophisticated Rounded Bixie

Pixie bob haircuts have the power to elevate your facial features and bring out dimension in your hair. To make your haircut look statemental, there’s no need to dye your locks in a striking hair color. A deep side part will be enough to bring the asymmetry that spices up your look.

Chic Pixie Bob with a Side Part

6. Chic Volume-Boosting Pixie Bob

We love blonde highlights for their ability to add chic and flair hairstyles of any length, which will work really well for A-line pixies. In terms of its styling, we offer you to follow this simple routine: gently run the comb down towards the roots to create volume and use a brush to smooth out the top layer for a polished finish.

Highlighted Bixie with Long Side Bangs

7. Angled Pixie with Choppy Layers

If you’re looking for a way to bring more texture and dynamic to your short brown hair, opt for this long, layered pixie. The sliced layers, chaotically placed throughout your mane, make your smooth strands more textured and demonstrate your bold, sassy side.

Edgy Razor Cut Long Pixie

8. Wavy Bixie with Soft Angle

The pixie bob with loose waves is a style worth celebrating! Part your curly textured bob to the side, mimicking the carefree vibes of a wild night out. And don’t feel limited by hair color, a platinum balayage can give a modern, edgy twist to your appearance.

Messy Blonde Pixie Bob with Shadow Roots


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