Some may say that feathered hairstyles are a thing of the past. We, however, feel that short feathered hairstyles are back on the rise with a brand-new and modern spin. For some inspiration, we gathered looks from women who have short haircuts down pat. From the pixie to staggered layers, we’ve found short haircuts that work for virtually everyone. This collection features styles that work for a range of ages, hair types, and textures. Everyone knows that pixie short hair requires some effort to upkeep – from regular salon appointments to more frequent washes. However, it also allows creating a unique shape and setting the right accents on your best features. One way to achieve that is by cutting hair into light and wispy feathered layers. Keep scrolling to see the 20 best modern feathered pixie haircut ideas.

1. Fiery Feathered Pixie Hairstyle

We love this heavily textured pixie that mimics the outgrown haircut effect. If you are looking for a hairstyle that would suit thick hair without looking too bulky and heavy, this layered and feathered cut is the right answer.

Long Pixie with Feathery Layers and Fiery Highlights

2. ‘90s Inspired Layered Pixie Cut

A classic ‘90s pixie features feathered layers, an elongated back, and temples with a textured fringe. Whether you are a sucker for the unique aesthetics of that period or maybe just looking to add some body to your fine hair, this edgy haircut is worth a try.

Pixie Mullet with Wispy Layers

3. Disconnected Pixie with Long Feathered Bangs

Short and tight on the sides and long and feathered on the top, this stunning pixie cut can give you an instant lifting effect. Those textured bangs elevate the cheekbones and bring an accent to your eyes.

Pixie with Brown Tapered Undercut and Blonde Feathered Top

4. Blonde Feathered Pixie with an Undercut

This blonde side swept pixie is cute and edgy at the same time. Soft, airy texture and a contrasting shortly shaved undercut make a bold, striking contrast.

Blonde Undercut Pixie with Wispy Bangs and Shadow Roots

5. Spiky Pixie Cut with Skin Tight Sides

While it’s extremely important to get your hair cut the right way, a big part of the look depends on styling. Use some texturizing powder and dry wax to achieve this kind of look.

Short Spiky Pixie with Skin Fade

6. Disconnected Mullet Hairstyle

Transitioning from a short haircut to a longer style can be time consuming and frustrating. The ‘70s inspired mullet cut is a lifesaver for that interim period.

Short Fathered Mullet for Fine Hair

7. Feathered Pixie Crop with Curtain Bangs

A short and wispy top and clean short sides make a super combo for an edgy look. Use some hair pomade to get that tousled texture.

Wavy Hair Pixie with Tight Sides

8. Soft and Feathery Pixie Cut

Short hair can be extremely feminine, like this soft razored crop. Short textured fringe and long wispy temples do a great job of accentuating the features of the one who is wearing the style.

Long to Short Feathered Crop Transformation

9. Punk Style Pixie Cut

To get this messy, undone look, use plenty of mousse and a round brush. Although if you are in a rush, just turn your head upside down and blast dry your hair to get maximum volume with minimal effort.

Red Brown Feathered Pixie with Nape Undercut

10. Feathered Pixie Hairstyle in a Bold Hue

We can’t get over this stunning mustard color pixie. Perfect for warmer skin tones, it is suitable for any hair type and texture.

Textured Pixie Colored Mustard Yellow


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