A short balayage haircut can bring brightness to your appearance. It involves sweeping random pieces of hair, with a splash of color or a bright shade. The technique is typically applied to blonde or dark hair, and the more vibrant color becomes more dense as it goes across the hair. But, balayage hair that is short can be extremely stylish, and it’s ideal for adding some flair up a pixie cut , or another style that’s not too long. Are you looking to get your hairstyle to be the center of notice? Let’s take a look at some styles that can help you do this!

Colored Pixie

A bright and vibrant short balayage pixie is sure to impress anyone who comes across it. It’s a simple layered pixie with plenty in the way of thickness on top, and some gorgeous side bangs. The base color is purple and there’s a great blend with mint and light blue incorporated into it , creating an extremely vibrant appearance.

Choppy Blonde Pixie

Choppy pixie cuts are characterized by plenty of texture which makes this look more exciting and diverse. The color here is doing it, too. It starts with brown, the blonde color slowly creeps through it, creating the desired appearance.

Brown and Gold Bob

The hair is getting longer and are looking at the brunette Balayage hairstyle. It features a side split and hair that is beautiful and curly. The hair’s base shade is brunette. However, there are highlights with golden tones woven through and painted onto the hair’s surface.

Burgundy and Black Bob

Burgundy can be a gorgeously vibrant shade. It’s enhanced due to the gorgeous black included also. This striking shade is the main aspect of this short Balayage haircut. The overall style is a chic and short bob that doesn’t reach the chin.

Chunky Blonde with side Bangs

Dark brown and black roots give immediate depth and dimension to the hairstyle and the rest is a lovely blonde tone that helps the entire face look brighter. The locks fall down to the chin and finish hard with a choppy end. A huge swath of side bangs cover about half of the forehead.

Bangs with a Short Shag

The shag style is popular at the moment and a shag that is short that has brown as well as blonde balayage highlights is enchanting and gorgeous to look at. The hair is very simple and thin, while looking stylish. A short, choppy, and slender bang covers part portions of your forehead.

Wavy Platinum Blonde

The platinum blonde is noticeable quite a bit, but often it needs a little amount of depth to make the most appealing appearance. It is evident here , with the darker roots. This shorter hair with no bangs extends just below the cheeks. It’s mostly curly, but there’s a curly part right in front of the eyes, too.

Blue Undercut and Braid

The short hairstyle balayage here is blue and varies from light to dark. It is cut with an undercut in the lower part of the hair. The majority of the locks are lowered towards the back, and the left side is curled. The locks on the right side are braided, and pulled back to the hairline.

Brown With Honey Tones

Brown hair can look plain but here it’s glammed up with lovely honey tones that are painted over it. The thin hair falls to just below the chin length and is curled toward the neck and the head. There are some bangs that are shorter.

White Blonde and Pink

The short balayage hairstyle is mostly a lovely light white shade that captures the light in all perfect ways. The balayage is visible at the mid-point, and it’s evident at on the edges of shorter locks. They are brightly pink at the ends and the hairstyle is lovely and curly.


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