A hair color trend called ‘money pieces’ has proved it’s not a temporary fad and will be high on style in 2024. Money piece highlights offer an opportunity to create a fresh look without all the fuss, adapting it to your personal preferences. Whether you opt for bold contrasts or subtle enhancements, you will definitely find some worthy ideas among these 30 stylish money-piece hair looks.

1. Natural-Looking Money Piece Hair

This slightly textured bob cut with a contour that naturally illuminates and highlights is undeniably one of the most stunning looks showcased here! Manubela Cabeleireiros skilfully used natural-looking highlights to enhance the unique beauty of her client “in a natural, POWERFUL and low-maintenance way.”

Chestnut Blunt Cut with Honey Face Frame

2. Face-Framing Ashy Highlights

“I have never been more team brunette in my life,” says Laura Beckwith, the owner of Sandbar Hair Co., and we understand why. Toning bleached hair down with a dark chocolate shade looks irresistibly beautiful, especially when accentuated with a subtle money-piece.

Vanilla Highlights for Chocolate Hair

3. Subtle Beige Money Piece Highlights

This look simultaneously combines the two biggest hair trends of 2024: a butterfly haircut and money piece highlights. Show this photo to your stylist the next time you go to the salon and impress everyone with your on-trend hairstyle.

Golden Locks with Light Ash Tones

4. Pink Money Piece Burgundy Hair

Montana Schmidt, The Craft owner, extended the money-piece trend beyond blondes and created this mind-blowing shaggy haircut. The pastel pink hue beautifully contrasts rich maroon hair and complements fair skin.

Maroon Pink Money Piece Hair

5. Face Frame Blonde Balayage

These luminous money piece highlights can freshen up your look at any age. The vibrant blonde ribbons, gradually intensifying towards the tips, infuse brunette hair with dynamic movement and texture.

Light Blonde Balayage Highlights

6. Block Color Brown Bob

Embrace the 90s aesthetic with this bleached blonde money piece bob cut. To enhance the boldness of this look, style your hair to the side for a glamorous side-swept effect.

Dark Bob with Chunky Highlights

7. Maroon with Rose Money Pieces

Elevate your shoulder-length bob hairstyle to a new level with a popular money piece trend. When choosing a shade for your face-framing ribbons, pick the one that might complement your primary hair color. For example, red burgundy hues will go well with pale pink tones.

Burgundy Rose Money Piece Style

8. Icy Blonde Chunky Highlights

Instead of merely incorporating a single money piece at the front, you can go for a bolder and more interesting solution. Introduce subtle blonde accents throughout your mane, focusing on the face-framing layers.

White Highlights for Brown Wavy Bob

9. Voluminous Money Piece Layers

Check out how the layered tones of buttery blonde and ashy brown interact delicately with shaggy waves. Consider textured hairstyles if you have long, thick hair, as they will effectively take away the bulkiness from your locks.

Long Layered Cut with Money Pieces

10. Soft Honey Caramel Highlights

For his beautiful client, Hadis Muracevic opted for a softer money-piece balayage. The stylist incorporated gentle honey blonde and caramel strands to highlight facial features delicately and emphasize the texture of layers.

Ashy Caramel Brown Balayage


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