If you’re looking to change your appearance and appearance, there’s no better method to achieve it than changing your hairstyle. Your appearance and appearance can be altered by a simple cut or a top knot. To create a new look try coloring. Highlights and lowlights are available. Lowlights are best for those who have naturally light hair colors. By adding lowlights to your hair, it adds more volume and depth. Low lighting gives a stylish look to hair and is more effective than highlights because hair grows more in the lower regions so it is able to be cut off fresh hair. natural hair color is restored very quickly, when it comes to highlights can be a little difficult. Many hair colors are showing a strong side or load side or a bright accent to the overall look. For the remaining majority of people subtle and undertones are desired. For those who prefer subtle and undertones those who prefer subtle and undertones, Lowlights are the best option. They look much more subtle and natural as opposed to highlights. Low lighting can be difficult to apply, when a novice performs the process it could result in hair color that looks funky. Lowlights are an option that will provide your hair with more definition. Lowlights can make your hair appear darker in shade. They make your hair’s top appear heavier than the lower. For blondes, choose hues of toffee, caramel honey and bronze. For brunettes, you can choose to use shades of red or brown such as chocolate, cinnamon or rust. To prevent mistakes and misunderstandings, it’s best to identify which low-light shade is suitable to your hair’s natural color. Make sure to condition your hair thoroughly or apply a clarifying treatment for at least three days prior to coloring due to the fact that some chemicals in hair coloring can cause severe dryness of your hair. Some people prefer to shampoo right away after. But, it’s best to wash your hair one day later – this will aid in maintaining the shade. Lowlights are an excellent option to add definition, depth and even volume to your hair. Here are some great lowlights for you brunettes that want to play with your hair!

Dark Brown Lowlights

If you are looking for lowlights to match brunette hair, which shade to choose then dark brunette. Lowlights in dark brown blend seamlessly and naturally with the natural hair shade. It’s a safe choice for people who are new to it. The lowlights create a gorgeous look of ombre.

Dimensional Beige Lowlights

Many may believe that beige is boring and dull however this gorgeous hairstyle is a different story. A small amount of dirty blonde on the edges will elevate your hair’s color to a whole new level. Beige lowlights create a hairstyle that is multi-dimensional.

Chocolate Brown Lowlights

You can play around with the size of your hair’s natural shade to create a more attractive and appealing hairstyle. Chocolate brown lowlights can make your natural brown hair look more attractive and attractive. Add chocolate brown lowlights to your natural brunette hair color and watch the magic unfold.

Golden Bronde Lowlights

Golden bronde and brown hair lowlights go well together. Together they make an amazing color melting that allows you to enjoy the most beautiful of both colors. Golden bronde with lowlights on brown hair adds the most beautiful glow and depth in your hair.

Subtle Reddish Brown Lowlights

Lowlights that are subtle reddish-brown on warm hair colors add an extra dimension and uniqueness to your hairstyle. Make your hair more vibrant and add dimension to your hairstyle. The reddish-brown highlights on a chestnut-based are stunning.

Cold Coffee Brunette Lowlights

Lowlights of cold coffee brunette transform your hair into something as delicious as an iced coffee. The darker the hair shade, the more attractive it will look with lowlights of cold coffee brunette. It creates a beautiful waterfall-like effect that lowlights create that make you appear more attractive.

Dark Chocolate Mocha Lowlight

You can play around with your own ideas when you are looking for light highlights on dark hair. Hair is full in shine, fullness and gloss, but remains natural. Select darker chocolate-colored mocha highlights to give your hair look as gorgeous and appealing as those chocolate drinks.

Chocolate Copper Lowlight

Mix your hair’s chocolate shade with the copper lowlights for an timeless look. This may sound uninspiring however, both shades appear stunning when combined. Copper looks great with chocolate tones since it is part of the hair color family of red and will soften your appearance.

Hazel Nut Brown Shade

Add hazelnut brown lowlights to the naturally black hair. Together , they create an entirely different hair color. The sparkle of your hairstyle is sure to improve your appearance and will surely attract attention. Add some flair to your hair with babylights for a fashionable appearance.

Espresso Lowlights On Brown Hair

The espresso lowlights are expertly placed on top of the bob with the technique of contouring hair. Espresso color lowlights work on older women too. It enhances your natural hair’s brown color , and minimizes the impact of freckles and patches, and is a great match when paired with a warmer skin tone.

Green Blending

For a look that is multi-dimensional and can be worn at any time of the year this lowlight mixes the existing dark caramel or brown balayage with gentle green light sources.

Subtle Lowlights

The dark brown lowlight blends so seamlessly that it’s almost undetectable! (in the best way). It provides a soft transition that brings out the beauty of chocolate browns, by increasing their darkness. This is a stunning shade that is great for virtually every skin tone. It brings focus to the bottom part of the hair. To get the best results, we suggest using straighteners to highlight the lower highlights.


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