A bob refers to a haircut that sits right around the ears. It’s longer than a traditional pixie but shorter than a “lob” (in other words, a long bob). And a layered bob is, unsurprisingly, a bob haircut with layers, which are generally added to give the style body, texture, and volume. As we mentioned above, layered bobs are versatile: you can wear them shorter or longer, pair them with bangs, or even experiment with asymmetry with a cut that’s longer on one side than the other. And though you might think shorter hair means there’s less room to play with styling, the cut actually lends itself well to a ton of different styling methods. So whether you like your mane sleek and straight or prefer a more messy, lived-in vibe, a layered bob delivers. Like its name suggests, a ‘layered bob’ is simply a bob with layers. Classic bobs are traditionally cut straight and one-length around the base (aside from some super subtle graduation in length around the nape or face), so this style switches things up. The baseline should hold down the classic bob structure, with a sprinkle of shorter sections in the top layers to add movement. It can loosen up blunt edges with a feathered finish of some soft pieces that provide volume. It should give a style that feels more rounded in comparison to the striking squared-off sliced bob and paper-cut bobs. The key is to be tactical with the layers so as not to shatter the base shape and move it into mullet or shag territory. The layered bob can add extra movement, dimension and texture, alongside providing some face-framing action. It’s the ideal cut if you have longer hair and are looking to brave a shorter style. Likewise, it works well if you’re trying to grow out an already layered crop, like a pixie. If you still haven’t tried any of the layered bob haircuts, maybe it’s the right time to do so. Such haircuts look modern yet stylish, classy yet trendy. Here’s 40 of our favourite ways to wear the layered bob!

Classic Blonde Bob

Bright Blonde Bob #shorthairstyle #blondehair

This sleek short bob looks classy yet a bit messy, and it doesn’t require a lot of time for styling. This haircut was made by popular hair stylist Chris Jones, who is a great expert in bobs! To achieve such gentle ombre-like graduation, ask your colorist for a subtle blend in the roots area. In this way, your two-toned hair color will even out.

Wavy Textured Ombre Bob

Classic Bob With Gentle Waves #shorthairstyles #shorthaircuts

Apart from a lightweight wavy texture with a wet finish, in this haircut Salvador features the good old layers. Basically, layers are a must if you want to wear your hair wavy and if it’s fine. Going for chin length hairstyles will help you to keep the balance in your thin locks, as this length prevents outweighed looks.

Indigo Layered Bob

Indigo Layered Bob

This trendy layered bob hairstyle suits various face shapes and hair types, providing a modern and chic appearance. While a natural hue is an option, the indigo color choice elevates this hairstyle to the chic sophistication it deserves.

Colorful Layers with Bangs

Colorful Layers with Bangs #layeredbob #bobhaircut #layeredhair

Bangs remain an enduring ally for women, providing timeless charm. The addition of colourful layers instantly introduces volume and texture, granting your fresh haircut an irresistible bounce and vibrancy.

Classic Bob with Face-Framing Highlights

Classic Bob with Face-Framing Highlights

This versatile, flattering, and easily styled haircut draws attention to your eyes and accentuates your cheekbones. A perfect combination for busy lives and timeless style.

Messy Bob Hair With Bangs

Messy Bob Hair With Bangs #layeredbob #bobhaircut #layeredhair

The best thing about this messy hairstyle is that it looks unbelievably effortless and fun, which is a win-win for ladies who love looking natural. If you already have a wavy texture, give it a coat of salt spray to rock the look. And those with straight hair types can simply do the waves themselves, picking little strands and altering the direction of the iron lock by lock.

Messy Layers

Blonde Razor Cut Bob #blondehair #razoredcuts

Here, you can see one of the most desirable layered bob hairstyles of now. It’s lightweight, soft, and balanced due to the razored ends. This haircut looks sharp and distinctive while still looking gentle when needed. By getting razored layers, you will accentuate every single lock of your hair, which is a win for those in love with messy styling.

Ice Blonde Wavy Bob Haircut

Wavy Ice Blonde Bob

This side part hairstyle is a combination of a classy look with a bit flirtatious and messy one. If you have wavy hair, you can straighten it a bit to make your waves softer. And for ladies with straight hair, we recommend going for loose waves with one pass of a curling iron.

Natural Hair Side Parted Lob

Natural Hair Side Parted Lob #layeredbob #bobhaircut #layeredhair

Sometimes it’s just better to embrace your natural pattern and let it do your own thing! Soft feathers or razored ends will make every single wave, kink or curl of your curly hair stand out and shine, while you will have a comfortable length and a super sexy look!

Wet Brown Bob

Wet Brown Bob #layeredbob #bobhaircut #layeredhair

With the wet hair trend that isn’t going to leave fashion any time soon, there’s no way you will have no idea how to style a layered bob. Besides wavy hair that is the easiest and most ravishing hairstyle, you can also give your bob a hint of wet look by finishing it with a wet hair mousse. Also, don’t forget to tousle everything up to get a look that will hit the spotlight!


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