The process of choosing a hairstyle that you like may appear simple. All you have to do is choose a style that you like and then show how you like it to the hair stylist. It sounds like a breeze however it’s not as simple as that. There are a myriad of hairstyles to choose from. It is crucial that you pick not only any style and that it fits your face shape as well. There’s no benefit in having a face that is round with the hairstyle best suitable for a face with a long. The wrong hairstyles won’t highlight your most attractive features or allow you hide areas that you do not wish to be visible. That’s why you need to examine your face’s shape first , and then pick a hairstyle which is most appropriate for your face.

How to Determine The Shape of Your Face?

Most faces fall into the following categories and the method to determine the shape of each is explained below. There are a variety of ways to discern the form that your face has. The first method is to measure every part of your face using a measuring tape The other option involves drawing the outline of your face with a mirror or in the proper selfie, where your hair is pulled back and the face appears straight and firm. Although we’re pretty sure that the method using a measuring tape will yield the best results. Let’s find the shapes. Let’s take a look at the various hairstyles that are suitable for every face type.

How to Choose the Best Haircut for Your Face Shape:

Hairstyles for Round Faces:

This is among the most clear and easy facial shapes that is easy to identify. People who have round faces usually have cheeks that are round and truly are distinctive. If you take a look at the measuring tape you have, find that if length as well as breadth and height are the same measurements and you’ve got round faces. When it comes to choosing a haircut for an oval face the most popular choice is to pick a look which helps conceal cheeks that are chubby by blending them. The angles from all sides are more rounded and soft and, if they had been more defined and sharper, the face would have morphed into a square. Long , layered or messy haircuts, or even short Pixie cuts will look fantastic on faces with round shapes. Because the face is round with a round shape, these choppy layers of hair are sure to provide some definition and shape to your face.

1. Wavy Blonde Hair

A great hairstyle that is perfect for round faces. the hair has been styled as a bob with a short layer and highlighted with a gorgeous hue that is honey-colored. The beachy waves that hair is cut look perfect and can be worn to the workplace and even to events and parties. This is a basic hairstyle with an easy side part. The hair that has been cut in layers does an excellent job of framing your face around the jawline and cheekbones and makes it appear more sophisticated than a round, bubbly look.

2. Soft Curly Hair

This hairstyle has been a major fashion because Selena Gomez effortlessly and elegantly wore it at the Met Gala event. It is a style that is perfect for thin and delicate hair. The hair is beautifully curled into soft waves and we suggest applying a volumizing spray to make the look appear fuller. The hairstyle was finished by pulling back the hair with a lot of looseness, and then securing or clipping the back as per your preference.

3. Short and Sleek Bob

Adele is another well-known singer who is famous for her incredibly round face and the stunning ways she styles it , making it look more beautiful. In this hairstyle she wears an angular and straight hairstyle, where the length of her hair is kept in a uniform length at every location. In combination with a smooth middle part, this style is stunning even though it’s a basic style. The subtle layering was created on the lower part of the hair. However, it only adds beauty to the highlights of blonde which have been sprayed over the edges.

Hairstyles for Oval Faces:

People with oval faces are easily identified because their curved chin makes them stand out, and it is also complemented by foreheads that are larger than the form of your cheeks or chin. To make it easier to identify you can think of the egg’s shape and learn the shape of an egg. The most appropriate hairstyles for those with oval faces include angular bobs or long waves. Do not choose medium hairstyles because you must choose either very short or really long hairstyles in order to frame your face in a perfect way. Bobs or long hair when styled with layers and delicate cuts, give the hair a more natural look and also emphasize your face beautifully.

1. Medium Layered Hairstyle

Jennifer Aniston is without doubt the most well-known celeb who is blessed with a beautiful oval face. She is also known for her various hairstyles, particularly the “Rachel-Green” hairstyle that became popular in the late 90’s and early 200’s because of the sitcom characters. Through the course of her life, she wears various variations of the gorgeous ‘ Rachel Green’ hairstyle. As you can see in the image the hair here is maintained in a medium length and is cut into elegant and symmetrical layers. The middle section also adds the elegance of this simple but stunning style.

2. Short Textured Bob

A stylish and trendy hairstyle that is perfect for the trendy young ladies of the present. This hairstyle is perfect for women who have medium-thick hair. The length of hair has been cut in the direction of the ear, creating a very short hairstyle. It is very simple to layer this bob hairstyle that is one length in all points. However, the casually swept side part will make this appear absolutely stunning. With the stunning highlights that have been painted in a hue of honey copper, and the hairstyle is the perfect red carpet look.

3. Bangs and Shaggy Hair

The style is stunning for people with oval faces, as it really emphasizes the face’s shape and also on the upper portion of your head with bangs, and in the lower area by a shaggy hairstyle. The length of hair is enough to create volume when wearing an angular and long-shaggy hairstyle such as this. If the hairstyle was not voluminous, it would appear to be a disaster. So be sure to avoid it if you’re one with thin or delicate hair. The bangs are long because they start at the middle of the forehead.

Hairstyles for Oblong Faces:

Many people believe that oval and oblong faces are identical but that’s not the situation. Although your chin might be larger in faces with oval shapes In this instance it’s longer than wide. For oval faces the ideal hairstyle would be one with an attractive middle. The reason is that the center can help make your face appear round and not make your appearance that is too slim or long. Additionally, put on some bangs as well and you’ll notice an immediate change in how your face appears to be smaller as well.

1. Long Wavy Hair

Long, wavy hair such as this can be very effective to make your oblong face appear less thin and more defined and sculpted. Hair is also highlighted with the most beautiful golden blonde creating a chic appearance. These beachy waves are easily achievable by curling your hair in the right method and then applying the appropriate texturizing spray or other product. The shaggy cut that is styled by applying an effect of layering at random places on the hair can also enhance the appeal of the style.

2. Short Bob with a Deep Side Part

This hairstyle has a strikingly deep side part that is combined with a short hairstyle , and dyed in a gorgeous shade of a stark silver blonde. An amazing combination of 3 different styles makes it look stunning. The length of your hair cropped to the length of your jaw line, as well as the deep portion of the sides at the front is a great way to highlight the lower portion of your face. It makes it appear slimmer which eliminates the oblong shape , creating a more defined appearance.

3. Auburn Hair with Bangs

An amazing style that brings us back to the fall season and all the wonderful things associated with it , simply because of the color of hair. A mix of auburn orange as well as brown. a gorgeous shade that’s not often observed, so take advantage of this hairstyle if you’re seeking a distinctive look. The bangs , and the short hairstyle that has layers frame the face perfectly, making it appear more like a square face, rather than the oval shape that it is.


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