We’re not sure if you’ve had the chance to try a bob haircut or not? We’re sure you will. With the wide range of lengths and styles, it is a fact that a bob can enhance your face and match your hair’s style. Today, there are numerous styles for bobs to wear and layering is one of the styles to look out for. It’s understandable that we need to pick the appropriate styles that are simple and also low-maintenance. We’re not sure the best way to create the perfect hairstyle. Numerous celebrities are sporting gorgeous Bob hairstyles in various ways and with different styles. Layers are the ideal hairstyle for bob hairstyles. They will give your hair a longer look. Even if it’s just a layer, it is longer, it will give your hair a more attractive appearance. Today, everyone is looking attractive and fresh. Let us guide you on layered bob cuts for the perfect style. Here are some fashionable options to choose from. Take an eye and you will be inspired to create your own style.

15 Stylish and Perfect Layered Bob Hairstyles for Women:

Soft Side-Swept Wavy Bob

Making waves on your bob cut will add some volume to your thin hair. Actually it’s easy to get the wavy bobs you want by braiding your hair in a comfortable way in the evening and then shake loose the next morning. Then, you’re ready to go!

Curly Diva Bob

A majority of bobs look great with curls but the secret is giving the proper shape to it. Curly bobs are simple to style, fun, and will have you rocking. Just get out there and give curls a go. They appear stunning when cut with bobs.

Burgundy Short Bob With Red Highlights

A classic short-bob style is the style that is great for all women . It’s the perfect layered bob hairstyle for women. Add highlights of red to your burgundy hair to create a classy and beautiful style. This cut is simple to maintain. Simply apply a hair spray, maintain the hair and enjoy the cool style.

One-Sided Wavy Bob

Side parted bobs typically provide a contemporary and modern look that is great on round faces. The bobs that are parted create the appearance of focal points on one side that could be used to emphasize braids or cut an undercut. Take advantage of this look using baby pink colors by adding pink accents and curly curls on the ends.

Center Parted Wavy Lob

You can choose between short long, medium length, or even short cuts for Bobs. Medium-length bob is one which looks great on many people because they’re neither too short nor long. It is possible to wear your medium-length bob with a wavy fashion, as seen in the image. This gives you a fashionable and chic appearance without taking up much time to keep it.

Short Curly Side-Parted Bob

It is possible to cut your hair into a bob that is tucked in, giving you a lighter weight and smaller bulk, and yet it will give you more texture. Furthermore, this look is sure to look stunning on casual days and business occasions. It’s among the most sought-after styles of layered bobs for women.

Blonde Bob With Bangs

Bangs and cuts to the bob are a perfect match. This is a fantastic method to take the weight off of your shoulders as well as make hair easier to keep. This is among the coolest layered hairstyles for women, which will help you look fashionable and stylish.


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