Blonde hair is among the most sought-after colors by women and lots of us have experienced this stunning color at the very least. For brunettes, the process of changing to a stunning blonde shade can be a bit difficult because it requires bleach as well as numerous visits to salons for hair styling. If you were born with this shade it’s easier to transform it into the shade you love. If you’re one of the people who didn’t have brunette hair but have always wanted it, here are some things you need to know before changing sides:

  • Do not attempt this at home! This can be disastrous unless you are just trying for a lightening of your hair by adding just a few shades. It is possible to damage your hair to the core. To achieve a beautiful blonde shade, it takes patience and a pair of hands who know the tricks of the trade.
  • If you’re not naturally blonde, you require more nourishment products and treatments to ensure your hair is healthy. Be careful not to style your hair frequently with heat and if you do, make sure you use a spray or lotion that is protective.
  • You’ll stroll along a healthy track! Your hair’s color must remain fresh and vibrant all the time and that’s why you’ll need to visit the salon for hair.

Hottest And Stylish Long Blonde Hairstyles

Long hairdos with blonde highlights have always been associated with feminine ease and elegance. Women have endless hours and spend a lot of money in salons, trying to get the perfect long, blonde hairstyle. The sensual look with long, extravagant twists or stunning meshed parts are the preferred for women who have long hair. We’ve put together our most beloved long blonde hair ideas to help you get your next dazzling style.

1. Long Strawberry Blonde Hair

Hair with strawberry blonde is blonde hue with a hint of red rues which will make your hair appear with a captivating sparkle. The pink-red reflections will sparkle in the sun while your hair will appear more beautiful than ever.

2. Long Platinum Blonde Hair

In case you’re a brunette to your skin it is recommended to keep your hair’s roots in the black or brown color. Platinum blonde shades are unlikely to look good on your skin if you aren’t using this method.

3. Long Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Lowlights are a great way to enhance any caramel blonde shade and add an extra dimension to your gorgeous curls. Layers add volume and you’ll gain the volume you’ve always desired. Style curls that are wavy in the inner or loose waves to get the stunning look.

4. Thick Long Blonde Hair

If you’ve got long hair and thick hair, then whatever style you like best! Create the layering hairstyle and pick the malibu blonde shade or a gorgeous strawberry blonde color. You can also layer it to let your hair gradually fall down your temples.

5. Long Fine Blonde Hair

If you’re looking for fine hair, creating a glamorous look can be quite difficult. Try various textures and hair dyes for blonde hair or layers of hair to provide your hair the gorgeous texture you’ve always wanted.

6. Natural Blonde Long Hair

If you’re blessed with natural blonde locks, you will have several girls who adore your hair. It’s just a matter of choosing some hairstyles and applying nutritious products to make it always gorgeous and healthy.

7. Black girl with long Blonde Hair

If you’re an African-American woman, blonde hair color is sure to draw attention to your gorgeous dark skin. Keep your hair’s roots in their natural shade and color the remainder of your hair an Ash blonde. The change can be detrimental for your hair. should you not want to alter your hair’s natural appearance unhealthy, you can put on the hair with extensions.

8. Long Blonde Hair Updo

A blonde ash shade (or a platinum blonde) can create a stunning contemporary style that will be noticed. Make a chic hairstyle using bangs that are low and falling over your temples. Add a stunning design to your bun by adding flowers for hair accessories.

9. Golden Blonde Long Hair

Hair that falls in the back of your head is always stunning to look at. Pick a blonde shade that is bright and add layers of hair. Let them all fall down your back. Style them in hairlocks or curls using an iron or brush.

10. Long Honey Blonde Hair

A blond ombre with a high-pitched look will give your hair a sunkissed look throughout the year. It is possible to wear your hair straight or make tight curls on the hair’s tips.


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