They say that “Long hair inspires femininity,” but if you take a close look at these medium bob variations, you’ll forget about that in the blink of an eye! Waves, balayage, bangs, and layers – you can combine them all with a bob haircut, and you’ll never get enough of it! Get the attention you’ve always wished for with this ultra-chic cut! A medium bob cut is a versatile hairstyle that will successfully decorate a woman of any age. Even teenage girls will look individual with this haircut. Older women will be able to rejuvenate themselves with a bob haircut. Elegant women who use formal business dress and make-up in their everyday life prefer to do their hair with a neat shape and smooth curls. Those girls who are distinguished by special creative expression make a bob haircut with asymmetry and chaotic length of curls. A medium-length bob cut is an ideal option for those women whose hair is not on friendly terms with a hair dryer and curlers. The bob haircut has many varieties and color solutions, from natural blonde to pink and purple hair. Combined with different types of bangs, it will give every single woman exactly what she needs. Medium bob hairstyles are the most wanted ones nowadays. The reason for this popularity is that they are easy to maintain. In other words, they are a kind of wash-and-go hairstyles. Yet, they are not at all simply-looking. On the contrary, their fabulousness knows no boundaries.

Edgy Medium Bob

Perfect Brown Balayage

If you are looking for a mid-length bob that is both elegant and edgy, this chocolate perfection is what you need. The well-preserved balance between the dark roots and caramel balayage projects a multidimensional vibe that adds spice and movement to the look.

Medium Bob for Curly Hair

Medium Bobs For Curly Hair

This golden cascade of a bob will help you define natural texture in the most stylish way. Keep in mind the honey-blonde hue is warm and texture-enhancing. Make every curl pop with this hairstyle.

Balayage Sophistication

Perfect Brown Balayage

It seems that you can’t make a classy bob even more elegant, but here come the soft caramel highlights. The shape, the coloring, and the styling make this bob a versatile cut suitable for any event.

Strawberry Waves

Beach Waves Hair

A bouncy bob in strawberry shades is the epitome of modern elegance. It is a refreshing blonde alternative if you don’t want to stick to the classics. Besides, you can experiment with different styling options at will.

Dark Bob with Brown Ends

Beach Waves Hair

Should you manage to marry the texture with the color, you will receive a hairstyle that takes your breath away each time you look in the mirror. This dark bob with brown ends is precisely the example to inspire from. Highlights are placed so that it seems your mane glows in the sun 24/7!

Beach Wave Bliss

Perfect Brown Balayage

The best way to introduce noticeable dimensions into your locks is to play around with dark and light colors. A smooth and expert transition from dark to light topped with light waves will result in a medium bob that is classy and modern at the same time. The amount of allure it glows with is hard to coat in words.

Platinum Waves Elegance

Beach Waves Hair picture 5

Platinum bobs are still on the edge of glory. However, it takes a professional approach to dye the mane in a perfect platinum shade and eliminate all the brassiness without any damage to the tresses. Choose the colorist wisely when opting for the look.

Honeyed Wave Bob

Beach Waves Hair

An icy blonde isn’t the only option to choose when you seek a stylish yet more universal hair color. A honey-hued bob is as sophisticated and versatile. You can experiment with darker roots for a more casual flair.

Smoky Lavender Haze

Beach Waves Hair

A unique palette and a classy cut is what you need to make a statement. The smoky undertones blend seamlessly with charming lavender highlights and result in a daring but gorgeous hairstyle.

Creamy Balayage Medium Bob

The Perfect Combination of Blonde & Brown

No one would ever deny the mesmerizing appeal of this gorgeous creamy balayage. A flawless combination of both cool and warm blonde tones creates a multidimensional masterpiece. Play around with loose waves to coat the style with extra gentleness and femininity.


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