Do you want to give your long hair a quick update? Add bangs. It’s like getting a new haircut without making your hair short, save for that portion by your forehead. Long hair with bangs also exudes sophistication and turns heads wherever you go. Whether you like wearing your hair straight, wavy, one-length, or layered, you can pair it with bangs that flatter your face shape. This year, long layered hair with bangs is among women’s favorites, and you should try it too. Yes, we know that long hair needs a lot of attention, but it’s a good base for so many hairstyles and haircuts! You can experiment with long or short bangs and get the option that suits you best. There are so many kinds of layering techniques that can refresh your hairstyle, make you look more glam or natural. Believe us; you’ll feel more confident and beautiful! It just so happens that, sooner or later, every girl comes up with the idea of spicing up her long hair with bangs. Changes are what help us to discover new angles of our personalities. And getting bangs is the change that can show your appearance in a new, more attractive light. How? This post is the answer. We’d like to share with you the basic tips you should consider before going for a fringe. Today you will learn how to choose the right bangs based on your face shape, thus getting a flawless look. Of course, we won’t leave without inspiration. Bang on, ladies!

Why Choose Long Hair with Bangs?

Long hair with bangs is a great option for adding charm and versatility to your hairstyle. It’s a youthful and playful look that instantly enhances your overall appearance. Bangs frame your face beautifully and draw attention to your eyes, making them the focal point of your beauty. The best part is, with long hair, you have endless styling possibilities to explore and express your unique personality. So go ahead, embrace the beauty of long hair with bangs and let your creativity shine!

How To Pick The Right Bangs Basing on Your Face Shape

When choosing bangs, there are two essential things to keep in mind. Your hair type and, most importantly, your face shape plays a crucial role in your bang destiny. The truth is, you can’t just pick a random idea, as everything in your look should be harmonic. Moreover, bangs have a beautifying power. They can frame your face, making it appear slimmer, add a bit of an edge or even conceal some facial feature you’d like to hide. Okay, enough with the theory. Let’s see how bangs with long hair actually work!

Square Face

Square Face #longhair #brownhair

Square faces are known to have wide jawline that doesn’t curve at the chin, forming a square-shaped silhouette. With a wrong haircut, such faces may appear too wide, which most girls find to be unpleasant. Straight, feathered bangs will be a nice balance-building complement for this face shape. It will even out your facial features, slightly framing the cheeks.

Round Face

Round Face

Most features of round faces are rounded and soft, even in the chin area. Cheeks are the most prominent part of such face shape, and that’s what can make it look too round. Shiny, center-parted bangs can draw some angles and give an edgy touch to round face shape.

Heart Shaped Face

Heart Shaped Face #balayagehair #brownhair #longhair

For heart-shaped faces, it’s crucial to find the right haircut, as well as bangs. Otherwise, the forehead will look bigger than the other features, creating that weird ‘alien’ shaped silhouette. Arched, wispy, and side-swept bangs will nicely work on the top part, enhancing the beauty of the pointed chin.

Oval Face

Oval Face

It’s no secret that girls with oval faces have the most versatile and well-balanced face shape. In general, they can try out any hairstyles, cuts, and bangs they like. But, sometimes there’s a mis proportion caused by slightly longer forehead. In this case, messy bangs will be there to sort things out.

Long Face

Long Face #darkbrownhair#hairhighlights

Oblong faces are graceful and noble, yet, they tend to draw attention to the forehead, thus making it look bigger. Luckily, for ladies with this face shape, they can play around with both curtain and side-swept bangs. With such ideas, you will not only rock the latest trends but also keep up with the ideal balance.

Short Forehead

Short Forehead

Short foreheads often lack prominent features that keep a woman’s face shape defined. But don’t worry, this little trouble is easy to fix with thick blunt bangs.


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