The undercut is an interesting haircut that people are able to mix with different hairstyles. The undercut haircut is a popular haircut nowadays and it’s not difficult to understand the reason. The bob is usually an easy-care cut that could be paired with something that’s as high-maintenance an sub cut. It’s not a complex look, but you can make it appear elegant and stylish at the same time. With a bit of tender care and love it can be the ideal style that you can rock for a long time to be. If you’re looking to make a statement the price with this haircut, take a look at the below. There are twenty styles that you can pick from which means there’s something that is perfect for you.

1. Asymmetrical Blonde Undercut

The undercut haircut is an iconic, chic yet edgy design. The hair is long and has bangs that blends in with natural hair at one end of your face. The hair falls towards the chin. The opposite side is small and is only about the length of an ear. It’s swept across with a dark undercut, which is in contrast to the blonde.

2. Platinum Blonde with Shaved Side

Most undercuts are stubble-free or some other type, but this one has a bald head, where the undercut is. The bob is quite short and falls down to the lower part of the ear in a gorgeous platinum blonde hue with a distinctive split and dark hair.

3. Red Undercut

It’s possible to enjoy this long Bob haircut that is a deep red shade, with a brighter red bangs. The cut is timeless with an added twist. It’s got a pattern cut into it, resembling tortoiseshell patterns that makes it very appealing.

4. Blue and Brown

The hairstyle is an shorter hairstyle but with a long, undercut that makes it stand out from other hairstyles that are cut short. The cut is thick and long with dark brown tones and the bob only touches the chin while being blue. The hair is brushed away off the face.

5. Classic Ponytail Style

The ponytail bob is a timeless style with hairstyles cut in the underside. This is a very long bob that sits just below the chin. Then, it’s pulled back into ponytail, revealing an undercut on the sides and under section of hair. It’s an easy yet effective look for everyday use.

6. Cut with Fade

A shorter undercut with fades is a stylish look. It’s evident how much effort was put into putting together your gorgeous haircut. The one you’re wearing has the darker hair that’s on the one hand and the remainder portion of hair has a shiny blonde, which is larger on one end and shorter in the rear. The side-parted hairstyle shows off the cut.

7. Vivid Purple Locks

Sometimes, you want something simple. This bob with a cut-off style is a subtle cut which is just above the ear. The remainder portion of hair comes an incredibly thick side-parted bob which has a dark-colored base, but heavily tinted the most vivid purple hue that is very dark and attractive and changes in color.

8. Long Wavy Bob

We’re back to an old-fashioned undercut, however the bob isn’t typical for a bob. It’s extremely long and curly. It’s still in the bob class because it’s not shoulder-length. It’s big and it is placed on one face.

9. Vibrant Pink Bob with Volume

Check this out for a more edgy look. It’s simple and offers plenty of volume both in the back and front. It’s a vibrant pink shade with an undercut of dark, long and dark beneath it, which is evident by the way that the hair is parted and pulled to the side behind the ears.

10. Platinum Hairdo Braid

Braids are a great way to make things more sweet and with this particular look the undercut gets a boost. The bob doesn’t reach chin length and falls to on one end of your head as well as on the rear of the head. The blonde highlights the dark undercut nicely.


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