Bobs are a fashion statement however, there are women who aren’t a fan of how basic the traditional cut is. Long hairstyles with an inverted bob however bring new life to the style. They’re long at the front, and are tapered short with layers stacked to give a lot of volume. If you like the idea of this, then it is definitely a style that you ought to consider wearing. There are many different styles that you can put on with this cut. Check out the below images for ideas for which style to choose!

Side Parted Bob

Have you got a slack jawline and a square-face you’d like softening? The long hairdo that is inverted is the ideal haircut to aid in this. It curvatures under the jawline, minimizing its form. The side parted ensures that your style remains gorgeous and effortless stylish.

Summer Bob

It’s so hot during the summer months that you don’t want a cut to frame your face. It can get stuck to your makeup or sweat, or even anything! For summer you can opt for a style similar to this. The cut is loose and frames your face without curling toward it. The cut is side-partited to to keep hair from your face as much as is possible.

Grey Waves

Grey is among the most fashionable colors that you could wear. The combination of the shade with an easy cut like this can make it more appealing. The shade is darker at first and then becomes more light towards the end to create an attractive effect.Waves in the middle of the hairs bring vitality into the look.

Thick Messy ‘Do

You’ll never find anything more elegantly chic as an inverted messy cut with razor-cut ends. There’s so much energy and energy with this style! The waves make hair appear quite thick, which is ideal for hair with light colors.

Straight Ombre

Ombre styles are still popular and can enhance dark hair a lot. A simple straight bob is the ideal method to make common hairstyles attractive. Hairstyles are easy and utilizes your natural hair texture to give you a smooth everyday style.

Two Tone Red with Braids

It’s difficult to not be noticed with this cut. It’s the perfect cut for anyone who is looking to show their quirky and fun side. The bright red tone flows beautifully into an orange-colored hue. A simple braid is adorns the edges of the cut, with stars hanging from it to give it a unique accent.

Waves with Face Framing Highlights

Wavy hairstyles add lots of volume and glamor to your long bob that is inverted. It’s chic and the form of the tresses compliments their copper blonde shade extremely well. Highlights that frame your face will make your face stand out.

Straight Bob with Wispy Ends

Hair that is fine looks gorgeous when straight as it creates a very stylish appearance. The wispy ends create an illusion that your hair is just fading away and disappearing into your light clothes.

Inverted hairdo with Bangs

Bangs and Bobs and Bangs are a match made in heaven when it comes to trendy styles. But, these bangs come with plenty of volume, which make them stand out from the normal. The thick bangs work well with the simple and flat long cut.

Wavy Blue Lob

There’s nothing more striking than bright blue locks when you’re trying to create an eerie and dark look. The many shades of blue found in these curly locks ensure that you’ll never be able to ignore your face. The long cut is extremely elegant for this style.


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