Long Bobs, also known as Lobs, are not officially the style for the time of year. It looks great on all types of haircuts and face cuts If properly styled. It’s not too long, but it’s not too short, just right It’s perfect! We have a variety of long bobs to choose from. This cut can be worn on straight hair as well as hair with wavy curls. It’s a flexible cut as you can wear it straight or flat-ironed.

22 Hottest Long Bob Haircuts:

Sleek Long Bob With Curtain Bangs

Hairstyles for the curtains have become popular in recent years. They are now the latest fashion because they are simple for styling and maintaining, and fit almost every face shape. You can alter your facial form by easily altering the shape of your face. Make use of a hair cream for straight and sleek appearance.

Wavy Bob With Light Copper Red Highlights

Utilize your naturally curly tresses for a smooth, wavy Bob hairstyle. For straight hair types, it is possible to get those soft waves by using the curling iron. The waves will add motion to your hair and provide a stylish appearance. The copper-colored hairstyles add a shimmer on your hair.

Long Bob With Beach Waves

Long beachy waves are trendy and work well with any shape of face. Utilize a large curling iron or heat roll to make those waves. The ashy balayage is an interesting contrast to the dark hair color. It adds visual appeal and texture to the hair.

Golden Brown Bob

Fine and straight hair is gorgeous with an oversized hair bob. Brush your hair with care and create the appearance of a deep side parted. Then, twirl your hair around your face, creating long hair that covers your forehead. Flip the ends towards the back to soften your face.

Grey Blunt Bob

A blunt hairstyle is timeless and adaptable. The straight cut on the ends highlights the jawline which makes this hairstyle perfect for women with square or oval faces. It offers a sturdy and appealing appearance. Hair color that is gray with shadow roots can make your hairstyle more appealing and attractive.

A-Line Long Bob

A-line long bobs are ideal for hair with fine structures since your hair appears larger and thicker. Make sure to keep extra-long hair at the front for wavy edges. The hair color in brunette changes according to the brunette base color , and adds a fresh look to your hair.

Long Blunt Bob With Full Bangs

The addition of a fringe to the blunt bob will make more layers, giving your hair more texture and the thickness. The hair is brushed forward at the front to create full bangs that completely cover the forehead. They can shorten the length of the face and emphasize your eyes.

Long Bob With Pastel Colors

A blunt, long bob is flexible and is able to be styled according to your preferences. Make long, full bangs look stylish and make use of a round brush to create an arch. Color your bob with pastel shades for a hairstyle that is interesting and noticeable. The shades of violet and pink work well in the perfect POP-inspired long hairstyle.

Long Shaggy Bob

If you’re blessed with thick hair, a shaggy bob hairstyle gives your hair an unnatural bounce. The loose waves keep hair from becoming heavy and will add the appearance of your hair. The vibrant , rosy-colored peach hue is delicate and flattering.

Messy Long Bob

Change your hairstyle to create a casual appearance. Start by filling your long hairstyle with layers. After that, you can apply the texture spray to enhance the messy style.

Wavy Tri-Toned Highlighted Bob

The wavy hairstyle makes the long bob look extremely fun. The best part is how it pops out, with the tapered blonde the black and honey gradient is sure to make you appear lively. Side or middle part this cut is adaptable to both.


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