Hairdressers with finished hair might occasionally feel that they should avoid excessively short hairstyles because long hair can be incongruous with their twists or too thick and savage on the face. But when you have the proper cut and shading techniques it is possible to create a twist that works for you. There are 18 excellent examples of winning pixie styles that work with curly hair. If you have hair that is wavy you can opt for shorter sides, a scruff with a wry pixie or an awry twisting pixie. Choose based on your twist and the face the right shape. Here are some suggestions.

Gentle Side Waves

This pixie cut to long hair with wavy waves has the hair gently pulled towards one side with flowing waves that give an amazing texture to hair. The hair is of a well-balanced length the sides as well as around the back. The front is a little bit of volume.

Rolling Curly Bangs

This haircut features only one curl running across the forehead in a perfect shape with other hair with more volume and looser curls. It’s a longer cut that is fashionable and soft.

Longer Bangs and Gentle Waves

Here’s an afro-styled pixie cut to match Wavy hair, which is small in the back. It is cut tightly around the neck with an ounce of thickness but it grows more dense as the wavy texture is added over the top. Inside, hair becomes longer and has wavy hair which are brushing your eyebrows.

Bring Pink Wavy Pixie

This vibrant pink style is impossible to overlook. It’s beautiful and attractive and the cut is extremely elegant as well. The hair with wavy texture is well-trimmed in the back, while the hair on the top offers more texture, waviness and texture. It’s gorgeous.

Undercut Pink Pixie Style

This style of pixie is more delicate with its waves, however they’re not the primary aspect of the cut. The focus of the haircut is the two pink shades that help your hair pop. It also has an undercut look that is a part of it. The hair on the top is thick and long and the hair below is short but thick.

Wavy Spiky Mohawk

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd then this is the ideal style. The hair is cut into a mohawk-style and dyed with pink, purple and blue. The mohawk is wavy and the sides feature cut lines that create triangles of purple, pink, green, blue, and pink.

Very Fluffy Front Bangs

The hairstyle has extremely frizzy bangs at the front, and waves in the bangs, as well. There’s some purple and red coloring the hair, which makes it stand out from the typical haircut. This is a fabulous hairstyle that has a hint of an edge.

Very Blue Wavy Undercut

This blue cut is stunning. Hair on both sides of the cut is thin and the cut is moved towards one end, and there is tons of volume at the top. The blue color of hair makes it easy to show your playful persona to others.

Perfectly Textured Blonde Waves

The blonde hairstyles are a perfect texture as they sway forward in this cut pixie. They’re stylish and contemporary and the tube blonde shade can help highlight the wavy look that is usually overlooked when you have dark hair.


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