While red hair is already a statement choice, you can always go further by adding highlights. With the amazing palette of red hues and plenty of highlighting techniques to choose from, it’s easy to get a unique look. So, long story short, here’s our awesome compilation of red hair with highlights ideas to get you inspired.

1. Golden Highlights on Copper Hair

Want to know the perfect formula for a flirty, playful look? Here it is: short hair, loose waves, and a copper base with blonde highlights. While this is a great option if you want to give a try to new hair dye, it’s also the way to go if you seek to juice up your natural red hair.

Blonde Highlights in Copper Red Hair

2. Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Balayage doesn’t seem to go out of vogue soon – this highlighting technique has won millions of women’s hearts due to its naturally-looking effect. Among the huge variety of red shades, strawberry blonde deserves a special place – it looks unusual and dazzling.

Natural Red Hair with Highlights

3. Ginger Hair with Blonde Highlights

If you can’t choose between blonde and red hair, getting highlights sounds like a wise solution. For example, strawberry blonde highlights look great on a ginger red base. By the way, this is an excellent idea if you’re a natural blonde who wants to seamlessly transition to light brown or red hair.

Medium Auburn Hair with Blonde Highlights

4. Have Them All

From peachy red and strawberry blonde to dark brown and red tones, the palette of reds has a lot to offer. The great news is that you can have them all combined into a vibrant red balayage, with the main thing to keep in mind being to choose hues that match your skin tone.

Dark Hair with Balayage in Different Shades of Red

5. Dark Curly Hair with Red Highlights

Red highlights are a fun way to juice up your natural hair color. They look particularly good on dark curly hair, providing the right contrast to accentuate curls and make them look more defined.

Red Highlights on Red Brown Curly Hair

6. Ginger Red Hair with Highlights

Whether you’re a born redhead or have chosen this stunning red hair shade to change your hair color, highlights are always welcome to make your locks shine. You don’t have to pick bold, contrasting colors for highlights – a few tones lighter suffice to create an out-this-world look.

Copper Red Hair with Strawberry Blonde Balayage

7. Play of Copper

This gorgeous look is a result of elaborately combining shadow roots, a deep copper base, and lighter copper highlights. Such a subtle blend is an excellent choice for women who want to rock their red hair in a more sophisticated and elegant way.

Dark Red Hair with Auburn Red Balayage

8. Ginger Red Hair with Highlights

If you want to achieve a natural redhead look, consider a light ginger base with a multitude of golden blonde highlights. This hair color looks incredible on freckled ladies with blue eyes and neutral skin tones.

Light Red Brown Hair with Salted Caramel Highlights

9. Auburn Hair with Copper Highlights

Auburn hair color pairs well with virtually all shades of copper, so if you’re browsing ideas of red hair with highlights, include this amazing combo in your shortlist. And if you’re already an owner of gorgeous auburn locks, this is the sign!

Copper Hair with Lighter Copper Highlights

10. Vibrant Copper

The rich copper color can be as subtle or showy as you want it to be. If you feel like joining the vibrant red hair tribe, here’s a quick tip: to achieve a natural redhead look, get copper red hair with highlights a few shades lighter than the base.

Red Highlights and Lowlights for Natural Ginger Hair


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