A pixie cut, also known as pixie crop, is a haircut that is usually no more than three inches in length. It’s shorter at the back and sides of the head, but longer in the front. The great news is that pixie haircuts look great on all face shapes, but round, heart shaped, and oval faces are extremely well-suited for pixie cuts. If you have more of a round-shaped face, a pixie cut with bangs would be a great option. The style also works on all hair types and textures. Pixie haircuts manage that rare trick of being both timeless and of the moment. From iconic 1960s stars like Diana Ross and Twiggy to modern-day muses like Ruth Negga and Dame Judi Dench, the pixie crop’s popularity has barely wavered through the decades. And while going ultra-short can feel intimidating if you’ve never tried it before, pixie crops can actually be some of the most low-maintenance, easy hairstyles around. So what makes these particular short hairstyles for women so appealing? As the shorter cousin of bob hairstyles, the secret of pixie haircuts’ success is in their simplicity. As long as you stay on top of your trims, day-to-day styling becomes a breeze. Short pixie haircuts are seriously stylish—just look to celebrities like Charlize Theron and Rihanna, who have all dabbled in elfin crops with beautiful results. Pixie crops also make very flattering short hairstyles for thick hair, with plenty of shaping to create a softer look. And how often should you cut your hair? To keep the style looking fresh, you’ll need to visit the salon around every four weeks or it’ll start to resemble a long pixie or bob before you know it. Keep that cut in check and you’ll only need the best hair dryer to look super elegant every day. We’ve scoured the trendiest looks to bring you a variety of styles that are sure to turn heads and boost your confidence. From edgy to elegant, these pixie cuts are not just haircuts – they’re bold statements of style and personality.

1. Copper Pixie

Auburn pixie cut.

This pixie cut is a statement piece, featuring a rich copper red hue with dynamic swooping layers that add volume and movement. The deep side part and sweeping bangs frame the face beautifully, offering a modern twist on the classic pixie that’s both bold and effortlessly chic.

2. Side-Swept Bowl Cut Pixie

Side swept bowl cut pixie.

Consider a side-swept pixie bowl cut that boasts a playful yet sophisticated silhouette with its soft, feathered layers that gently caress the cheekbones. The subtle highlights enhance the texture, creating a dimensional look that’s airy and light.

3. Bouncy Curly Pixie

Bouncy curly pixie cut.

This pixie cut is all about embracing the joy and spontaneity of curls with tightly coiled ringlets that add volume and lively energy to the style. The carefully sculpted layers create a beautiful shape that frames the face, offering a playful yet polished look.

4. Platinum Sweep Pixie

Platinum blond side swept pixie cut.

If you’re looking for a chic, contemporary vibe, opt for this pixie cut with its platinum blonde shade and side-swept bangs that softly cascade along the side of the forehead. The cut combines close-cropped sides with a longer, textured top, providing versatility for styling.

5. Brown with Highlights Pixie

Brown with highlights pixie haircut idea.

This playful medley of choppy layers and delicate highlights creates a lively texture that’s both modern and versatile. The warm tones of the highlights add depth and dimension, while the tousled styling gives a nod to a carefree spirit.

6. Bold Copper Pixie

Fire-like red pixie cut.

If you want a vibrant pixie cut, this is it! It’s a stunning display of confidence, featuring a bold, fiery copper color that’s sure to turn heads. The layers are expertly cut to create natural volume at the top while keeping the overall look easy to manage.

7. Sleek Sculpted Pixie

Pixie haircut with curled under bangs.

For sleek sophistication, try this pixie with glossy hair swept forward at the bangs to soften the face. The precision of the cut makes it a perfect blend of edgy yet elegant.

8. Blonde Shaggy Pixie

Blonde shaggy pixie cut.

Consider this playful twist on the classic pixie style with its shaggy layers and blonde highlights that provide texture and depth. The carefree, tousled look of this wash and wear style is both youthful and spirited.

9. Chic Silver Pixie

Short silver pixie cut.

Celebrate your hair color with this pixie! The luxurious silver hue adds an instant touch of elegance and sophistication. The closely cropped sides transition into a slightly longer, textured top, allowing for easy styling and a contemporary look.

10. Tousled Piecey Pixie

Tousled piecey pixie cut with bangs.

This playful cut features choppy layers that create a beautifully tousled and textured look, full of movement and life. The soft, piecey bangs gently frame the face, making this pixie hairstyle as flattering as it is fun.


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