Blunt symmetrical bobs are classic, but can sometimes seem too regular for women who crave an extra dose of style and glam throughout their everyday lives. An asymmetrical bob haircut gives an edgy vibe to the standard look, which you can further customize with curls and colors. Look through our top fifty looks below – they really suit any woman’s desire for self-expression. To make an impact, asymmetry in bobs should be significant. If one side is practically the same as the other, it will be unnoticeable. The following are the best examples of present-day asymmetric bob cuts.

1. Messy Bob with Money Piece

Asymmetrical Bob with Money Piece

This shaggy asymmetrical bob looks super hot on dark hair, while the beige money piece attracts attention to facial features and adds glow to the face. The great news is that these awesome messy waves are a breeze to achieve with a flat iron.

2. Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs

Asymmetrical Bob with Short Choppy Bangs

If you don’t mind having all eyes on you – here’s your way to go! This sophisticated asymmetrical bob haircut features a bunch of attention-grabbers: a sharp angle, choppy micro bangs, and, most importantly (and amazingly!), vibrant orange highlights, placed in an asymmetrical way, of course.

3. Short Asymmetrical Bob

Short Mahogany Bob

If you are craving something red-hot, this style is right up your alley. Red hair can be synonymous with the tough girl attitude, and this wavy bob focuses on a variety of reddish browns with a cool tone, ranging from dark brown to bright crimson.

4. Medium Asymmetrical Bob with Highlights

Medium Bob with Caramel Highlights

Looking for something just slightly different but in line with your classic look? This uneven bob might be for you if you want to change up your hairstyle without going too dramatic. Enhanced with subtle caramel highlights, this particular style is perfectly asymmetrical and hits just below the chin on one side and at the jaw corner on the other.

5. Fascinating Curly Bob

Black Asymmetrical Bob with Messy Curls

Black soft curls look truly mesmerizing when cut in asymmetrical bob. Elaborate layering helps to make this hair look voluminous and dynamic. If you aren’t blessed with natural curls, don’t worry – this dazzling hair texture can be achieved with sea salt spray.

6. Sleek Style for Black Hair

Super Sleek Asymmetrical Bob

This trendy haircut doesn’t deviate much from a classic bob although it offers an ultimate statement vibe. A deep side parting adds extra volume to the longer section, while the shorter strands dramatically feed into this perfect asymmetry when tucked behind the ear.

7. Asymmetrical Bob with a Lavender Touch

Blonde and Lavender Asymmetrical Bob

Here’s one of those really simple but gorgeous asymmetrical bobs for medium-length hair. It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful straight bob. We love the choice of colors for highlights, the sleekness, and the perfect sharp angles of the cut.

8. Simple Asymmetrical Cut

Natural Brown Asymmetrical Bob

If you are just beginning to test out the waters of asymmetrical bob hairstyles, this is a perfect entry level style. It doesn’t feature dramatic difference in lengths and uses a deep side parting to balance the longer and the shorter sections. A perfect way to upgrade your usual bob without drastically changing the entire look.

9. Vivid Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs

Blue and Gray Asymmetrical Bob

If you are currently sporting cute bangs and want to try an asymmetrical bob haircut, this is a great option, as it seamlessly blends the bangs into the overall style. Want your simple layered bob to turn heads? It’s a piece of cake with an unusual color solution, like this lovely blend of silver and ultramarine blue.

10. Dramatic Asymmetry

Black Bob with Dramatic Asymmetry

This style is for a woman who truly commits to a look — nothing subtle about this asymmetrical bob haircut! Ranging from jaw-length on the right to shoulder-length on the left side, this style successfully combines a blunt bob and a classic lob in a single look.


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