When it comes to simple yet stylish haircuts for women, graduated bob haircuts are a great option. If you are ready for something new – either to kick off a new season or just embark on a fresh start, this is a style that will work with almost any hair texture and color. The gradation of length provides both volume and a beautiful silhouette of your classy bob cut. View the following pictures with examples and pick a haircut idea for your next visit to a salon.

1. Wispy Stacked Layers

short choppy messy bob

Wispy, layered hair gets a volume boost. If you’re wondering what a risk-free graduated bob is, this hairstyle is a great choice. It’s angled without being extreme. You will quickly learn how to style a graduated bob with little to no effort.

2. Haircut with Dimension

blonde stacked bob

One of the best parts of a short haircut is that it can work well with a variety of hair types. This bob adds thickness to the nape of the neck, with layers thinning out towards the chin.

3. Short Colored Cut

short choppy bob

A short graduated bob haircut is always lovely, and adding some fun color makes it even better. Anything from purple, teal or fire engine red inspirations – color your hair something that will help you to stand out from all of those everyday blondes and brunettes!

4. Modern Bob with Layers

chin-length textured bob

Bobs don’t always have to follow a particular pattern. Sometimes hair can be shaggy, choppy or stacked – however if you choose a bob, don’t forget the bangs. Side swept or straight across bangs add dimension and style to your quick casual ‘dos.

5. Graduated Bob with Height

red stacked bob

The shorter and higher the layers, the more volume you’ll achieve. If you like to have “high” hair or make a bold statement wherever you go, this very short, peppy hairstyle on model`s red hair is an ideal choice.

6. Chestnut A-Line Cut

Angled Brown Bob

In the workplace, there’s no short style or cut better suited than a traditional bob. Clean and polished with a long front, this type of chestnut-colored lob exudes professionalism in an understated way. And paired with wispy, layered bangs in the front, hair retains movement and life.

7. Light Brown Bob with Babylights

Layered Brown Bob With Blonde Balayage

Not all bobs need to be oddly chopped, high maintenance or ridiculously eye-catching to look cool, as this simplistic graduated bob exemplifies. Sweet and subtle babylights in the bangs help to lighten the base, while wispy, angled front layers highlight your features.

8. Chocolate Bouffant Bob with Layers

Brown Layered Lob

One of the easiest ways to slim the face (especially in pictures), bouffant hairstyles inject serious volume into your hair even if you’ve always considered it fine and hard to manage. And when layered and spiced with subtle blonde highlights, that multi-dimensional appearance is enhanced even more. Be sure to tease your hair at the crown, spritzing occasionally with a light hold hairspray.

9. Bob for Thin Hair with Swoopy Layers

Short Layered Bob Haircut

Contrary to popular belief, not all bobs require tedious styling before work in the morning and time- and cost-eating upkeep. This just-got-out-of-bed chin length bob dispels that notion even more, with wispy, side-swept layers helping to give hair movement––even without a styling tool.

10. Black Graduated Cut with Burgundy Highlights

Black Bob With Cherry Red Balayage

Assume you need to wear converse sneakers and rock out at punk shows to pull off wildly colored bobs? Think again. When applied strategically and with fine strokes, bright colors woven into a long graduated bob can look classy, edgy and appropriate in any setting.


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