We can all agree that it is difficult to style long hair. And if your hair is thin as well, styling it becomes that much more difficult. Fortunately, there are many hairstyles for long, thin hair that you can flaunt with a flair. Having hair that is fine-textured does not necessarily mean that you do not have many options on hand. Of course, you may have followed many hair trends and tried different hairstyles so far and failed, but the key is to choose the right styles that match your hair type. You just have to zero in on hairstyles that add volume to your hair. Can you believe that hairstyles for long thin hair can still look enviously full? Fine hair is not a rare thing, but it’s important to know how to present it in the best light. Look at these 20 perfect hairstyles and choose which one to try next time! Actually, you can count on a wide range of fabulous hairstyles, both updos and downdos, which you wouldn’t believe are made on thin hair, so charming and classy they are. Use layering, backcombing, highlights, waves and curls like in pictures below. These are the little tricks to make our locks appear thicker.

1. Shaggy Blonde Waves

long wavy blonde hairstyle for thin hair

Shaggy razor-cut layers provide texture without harsh and heavy lines which can weigh thin hair down. Natural beach waves offer the perfect amount of volume for a casually sexy style.

2. Blonde Hairstyle with Long Layers

Blowout for Long Thin Layered Hair

Long blonde hair on a woman seems to depict images of classic beauty. For many women, having long, golden hair is the Holy Grail of hairstyles. Pair your long straight hair with face-framing layers, and the look of a Disney princess is guaranteed.

3. Subtly Layered Caramel Hairstyle

Brown Hair With Caramel And Blonde Highlights

Carefully placed highlights can add dimension to play up long thin hairstyles, while inconspicuous changes in length create movement. These two paired prevent a style from seeming boring or plain. A straight hairdo is easily softened by simply bending the ends of the hair inward.

4. Chocolate Fountain

long hairstyle for fine hair

The soft lines and delicious chocolate hue of this fantastic hairstyle for long thin hair literally mesmerize. Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist for layering if your locks are fine. Just let the layers be fewer, longer and softer. Cascading down your shoulders, your thin locks are going to look fabulous.

5. Long A-Line Style for Fine Hair

long blond hairstyle

If you prefer one-level haircuts with thicker edges, that’s a good choice for long thin hair, but have at least the front tresses, framing your face, layered and complete the look with long slanting bangs. This is a good base for beautiful updos and half up half down hairstyles.

6. Perfect Ponytail

Messy Ponytail For Layered Hair

When you have thin long hair, styling is all about creating volume. No hairstyle is off limits — you just have to be creative. The best way to begin any look is with texture. Create waves in your hair with the braid method or using a straightener. Then anything you do next will have a lot more oomph.

7. Brunette Balayage for Thicker Hair Look

Before and After Long Hairstyle for Thin Hair

You can have gorgeous, carefree, lazy-girl hair even if you believe it’s impossible. Get some caramel balayage, loose waves and light layering, and your natural texture can easily become the ideal fashion statement.

8. Curly Frizzy Layered Hairstyle

Long Layered Cut For Curly Hair

Frizz is not often sought after, but in this case, it is tastefully done. Matched with weightless, bouncy curls created by a wide barrel and a gentle brush out, it invokes a sense of fullness and tamed messiness. Additionally, layers of various lengths further intensify the buoyancy of this fun and easy style.

9. Brown Wavy Hair with Curtain Bangs

Long Wavy Cut with Side Bangs

Bangs are the easiest way to transform your hairdo dramatically and they work fine for either thin or thick hair. Opt for trendy curtain bangs that frame the face, highlight your cheekbones, and offer your hair a new depth, which can change your overall appearance.

10. Long Cut with Long Angled Side Layers

Long Feathered Haircut

A more subdued way to incorporate a choppy cut is to utilize layering at a longer length, avoiding the crown area and pieces that frame the face. When styling, beginning a curl at the root on shorter sections can assist in lifting and making haircuts seem more dynamic. Round brushing after washing and applying a gloss spray results in a polished look that is best for the office or an upscale outing.


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