Bob must be a single haircut that has remained a staple for more than a century now! There are numerous varieties of the cut though. Get inspiration from the most captivating and attractive types of bob haircuts and pick the one that makes you look at yourself differently! Over the years, the bob haircut has had different variations depending on the trends and fashion influence, so you may wonder, “What is a bob hairstyle, after all?” The most distinguishing feature of a bob cut is the length of the haircut, which is anything between just below the ear and the shoulder or collarbones level. Most often, bob is cut at the jaw level and exposes the back of the neck. Other aspects such as sleek or curly texture or the addition of layers, angles, bangs, or undercuts vary. Today, women of all ages widely embrace the bob trend, adjusting its style and color to their preferences, so why don’t you join them? Check these 25 types of bob haircuts with pictures to get an idea of how each style looks and which one can flatter you the most.

1. Blunt Bob

A bob haircut with blunt ends imparts the inherent chicness, making it an ideal choice for those aiming to radiate confidence. We recommend pairing the blunt bob with the middle parting to complement its clean and elegant shape.

Soft Blunt Bob with Middle Part

2. Layered Bob

If you’re looking for a way to enhance the thickness and body of your hair, a layered bob must become your signature style! The layers make your hair more textured and dimensional without any specific manipulation or styling, so it’s a perfect go-to style for busy women.

Shoulder Length Layered Brown Bob

3. A-Line Bob

A bob that falls longer in the front without any stacked layers in the back is known as an A-line bob. The angle can be as sharp as you want it to be. The style helps you achieve an added edge and elongate your face visually, allowing you to exude confidence and individuality.

Sleek A Line Bob for Straight Hair

4. Angled Bob

Simple yet stylish, an angled bob haircut will delight everyone around you, especially when paired with a vivid hair color. The longer front frames the face elegantly, creating a flattering silhouette that complements round and oval face shapes.

Red Angled Bob for Thick Hair

5. Short Bob

Charming and appealing, a short bob is a shorter version of the cut and our absolute love! If you have thick and bulky hair, ask for internal layers to create movement and remove weight from the strands.

Sexy Short Bob Cut with Curled Ends

6. Long Bob

A lob is a versatile option for those who want a shorter length without actually going short. Stylists love spicing up long bobs with highlights or balayage, especially if the client has naturally wavy locks, so feel free to adopt this idea.

Long Bob with Face Framing Highlights

7. French Bob

French bob hairstyles typically include bangs and layers that gently hug the face, accentuating cheekbones and creating this French-chic silhouette. It often has lived-in slightly wavy texture, which can be achieved by defining your natural waves, scrunching your hair with texturizing products or adding loose waves with a straightener.

Cute French Bob Cut with Bangs

8. Sleek Bob

Sleek bob is not about the haircut itself, but the way you style it, which is perfectly straight and silky. Women with naturally straight hair texture only need to smooth the flyaways and add a shine spray to achieve this type of bob. For other hair textures, you will need a straightener or a silk press session to rock the style.

Smooth Neck Length Bob Hairstyle

9. Choppy Bob

Adding choppy layers to a bob cut is a great way to give the haircut an edgy and modern look. Choppy bobs look delightful with balayage colors and brighter hues like this bronze-tinted copper hair color.

Textured Bob with Choppy Layers

10. Wavy Bob

If you have naturally wavy hair or do not mind styling a few curls and bends with a wand, the world of wavy bobs is yours to enjoy! This type of bob can easily take you from a casual everyday to a fancy party look. Adding face-framing waves on a bob cut will also let you embrace the curtain bangs look without actually cutting bangs.

Blonde Wavy Bob with Highlights


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