The shag haircut is very rock ‘n’ roll—casual, mussy, and totally effortless. Typically featuring choppy ends, layers around the crown, and plenty of texture, shags work on almost every hair texture and length. The key to this style, explains hairstylist Erin Powers, is the fringe. “A great shag has got to have the fringe right,” says Powers. “If it’s off, then it’s not a shag.” If there’s anything that’s always in style, it’s nostalgia. Some of the more popular beauty trends we see today include bright, colorful shadows that bring us back to the ’80s; rhinestones and gems applied around the eyes, a throwback from the early 2000s; and of course, the shag haircut, which harkens back to ’70s. The distinctly layered style has been steadily rising in popularity since 2019, but this year, it’s become impossible to ignore, thanks to hairstylists and celebrities. Holly Seidel, a Los Angeles-based stylist who counts the shag amongst her specialties, thinks it’s the cut’s inherently rebellious nature that’s kept it relevant over decades. “Women are tired of being told to hide their natural textures,” she tells Allure. “They want to wear it or at least have the option, and a well-cut shag gives them that freedom.” Try this year’s trendiest haircut trend. The shag haircut has taken over the trend charts and it is what all the ‘It girls’ are rocking. This shag hairstyle trend is all about bringing out one’s natural hair texture and adding volume or movement to the mane. Most shag haircuts for women are very low maintenance and that means you don’t have to waste much time or effort in styling them. The shag hairstyle trend suits all hair types – even frizzy and unruly locks. It typically features bangs and loads of layers from the crown to the ends. If you’re curious to know more about this haircut trend, check out this list of the various shag hairstyles that you can sport this season.

Short Messy Bob With Standout Texture

Short Messy Bob With Standout Texture #bob #messyhair #wavyhair #shaggy

We want you to show how you can beautify your simple bob with this perfect example from our expert Chris Jones: look at how the classic short haircut has improved with just a soft touch of layering. The body is full, and the wavy silhouette is lively and dramatic.

Short Shaggy Bob For Thin Locks

Short Shaggy Bob Style

Ladies with thin hair can ask their stylists to shape up the ends of the top layer: it will add more lift to the crown and spice up a short bob with a new, lovely texture.

Layered Shaggy Bob With Feathered Ends

Layered Shaggy Bob Style With Feathered Ends

One of the most versatile and eye-catching ways of getting a shag is to focus on the ends. You can make your hair look fuller, embellishing it with pointed ends. A simple feathering is all you need; it won’t take a lot of time, yet will make your hairstyles pop.

Lightweight Shag Cut For Thick Curly Bob

Lightweight Shag Cut For Thick Curly Bob #shaghaircut #shaghair

Curly shag haircut is different than curly bob haircut. The truth is, your shag can tame your curly texture, giving it a more manageable, lightweight body, thus making you feel comfy with your locks and helping you to reach easy styling routine.

Choppy Bob Cut With Balayage

Choppy Bob Cut With Balayage #bob #wavyhair #shaggy

When giving you a choppy cut, your stylist changes the thickness of your locks one by one to make each strand super airy. Also, to enhance such a lift-up effect, he or she can offer you to try classic balayage that will highlight the movement of your hair.

A-Line Shaggy Bob

A-Line Shaggy Bob #alinebob #angledbob

A-line haircuts are all about precision, and you can always intensify its sharpness with the help of a lively shag. Ask your stylist for cascading layers that follow the pattern of your cut so that they get longer as they move to the front.

Shaggy Layered Bob With Brown Ombre

Shaggy Layered Bob With Brown Ombre #ombrehair #brownhair #brunettes

The main reason why more and more women go for shag is that it allows them to experiment to their hearts’ content. Apart from giving a nice frame or spicing up the hair with movement, they can form a stunning duo with other cuts like bobs, lobs, and pixies.

Shaggy Pixie With Side Fringe For Fine Hair

Shaggy Pixie With Side Fringe For Fine Hair #pixie #shorthair #shaggy

Pixie haircut has always been the number one salvation for unruly fine hair. So if you are about to find a perfect shag haircut for fine hair, don’t look any further shaggy pixie. First of all, the soft texturizing will make volume stay longer. Secondly, this idea features bangs which means it can frame up your face with little gentle layers.

Shaggy Spiky Pixie

Shaggy Spiky Pixie #shaghaircut #shaghair

When all you want is to rock a distinctive, yet minimalist cut and fascinate with its texture, a shaggy pixie with spikes is the key. The lively layers will make your spikes look natural and spice them up with lovely movement.

Shaggy Pixie With Undercut

Shaggy Pixie With Undercut #shaghaircut #shaghair

A lightweight, carefree, and voluminous look. Is there something that can compare to this pixie? A chic, neat undercut that gradually turns into a shag will draw all attention to the top. And due to the texture contrast, you will make your crown even more voluminous.


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