Hair with dark blue hues is an edgy hairstyle. It’s been in fashion for many years and it’s never going to get any less fashionable and the best time to go to it now. If you’re looking to change your style with some navy or a deep royal blue that is rich and rich We have what you need. You can match the color with any other shade you’d like and can dress your hair in many different ways. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to this stunning shade of dark blue hair shade.

Unique Dark Blue Hair Color Ideas:

Below are 20 ways for styling your new colored locks!

Blue and Green Pixie Cut

What could be better than a unique hair color? Yes! It’s two unique colors. The rich royal dark blue blends with a more bold acid green for an edgy and youthful look that you’ll love. The hair is cut shorter into the shape of a pixie with lovely and choppy edges, giving the hair a bit of life.

Long Wavy Tresses

The color is so dark that it appears like black, however it is possible to see the true color shining through when it is caught by sunlight. It’s extremely long and has thick gentle waves that seem lively and alive. It’s also a elegant and glossy look.

Curly hair with Dark Roots

Dark hair is a great option to add depth any hairstyle This is precisely what’s happening in this case. The roots appear almost black, while most of the hair appears curly as well as dark blue. The hair has lots of volume at the top, and the side parted, which is why certain tresses are positioned over the eye.

Long and curly hair with orange Hues

If you are a fan of a fresh, salon look, then this is the style you’ll love. The waves are shaped in such a way that they look completely professional. With some practice, you’ll begin to do this at your home. The dark navy locks sport an orange carrot on the front, to allow you to have fun with the appearance.

Shaggy Waves

Hair that is thick and big is desirable and easy to achieve it by shagging your hair. There are many layers that give you more thickness if you have some shagginess in your hair. Additionally, there are waves particularly towards the base of the locks that give you more the thickness. The waves’ ends are curled to increase the volume further.

Shaved Sides and Short Hair

In style, edgy styles are trending, and pair well with dark blue hues. The back and sides of the hair are shaved off leaving a lot of shiny and textured hair on the top. There’s a fade to the sides, and the stubble becoming more dense and bristles at the bottom.

Indigo with Waves

Indigo is such a beautiful shade. It’s a stunning color when all over your head, as the one you see here however, it has a small glimpse of the black root on the side dividing. The locks are full of thick waves, and a large sheet of them cover the entire face, creating an eerie look.

Blue and Purple Subtle Waves

The subtle waves can make any hairstyle look more intriguing. By adding a different color to the mix, such as this dark and purple blue locks is also helpful. The front of the hairstyle is pulled back and tied with a knot which makes the back look appealing.

Midnight Shade with Big Waves

Since midnight is among the most dark shades you can find It’s also among the most intriguing and sparkling. It’s a pleasure to have these sparkling locks framed by your face. There are large waves and there’s a lovely shape that runs through the center of the hairstyle.

The Mullet has Feathery Sides

Mullets are the most popular hairstyle at the moment, and they have the best look with distinctive shades that are dark like blue. Back hair is longer and features several layers. The sides are cropped shorter and so is the front. The sides here have a feathered texture, which makes it appear wild and messy and amusing.


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