We’re in the 21st century and you’d think that combing hair should be a straightforward idea. However, there are some things to avoid while taking care of your beautiful locks. With the numerous hair magazines as well as Instagram accounts that are dedicated to styling and hair care there’s no reason why we get lost in caring for our locks. From preventing breakage and detangling to brushing dry as well as dry. It’s easy for one to become lost trying to remember all the important rules and regulations! There are a few things hairstylists across the world can come to an agreement on, making it much easier to be less stressed. We’ll go over the biggest mistakes you could be making and the best way to correct the issues.

Brushing and Combing Mistakes

Learn about the things to absolutely avoid to have a gorgeous and healthy hairstyle:

1. Brushing From The Top Down

Beginning your hair brushing at the bottom and gradually moving upwards is particularly important for those who have long hair. It is often described as the “bottoms-up method” brushing from the bottom upwards can help prevent breaks. Breakage is the time when the hair shaft becomes broken, leading to split ends, which we try to avoid. Starting your combing at the top will cause a mess on the ground. Cut down on the time it takes to combine and improve the health of your locks with an untangle for hair.

2. Combing Hair When Wet

As per the American Academy of Dermatology Association, brushing hair while it’s wet may cause it to be more susceptible to breakage. Brushing hair only when hair is dry or even completely dry is essential. Based on the type of hair you have it’s in your hair’s best interest to not comb it when it’s damp. If you have to be able to comb your hair or you’ve got knots after swimming, you can try using a wet-dry Brush or a comb with wide teeth.

3. Going Too Long Without Combing

If you’re not aiming for dreadlocks or a dreadlock, doing your hair for long durations of time isn’t an option. Doing your hair at least once a daily is a good habit to follow, but it’s not the amount of hair-combing sessions you do with your hair during the day that you should be on the lookout for (see the fourth paragraph for suggestions regarding this). In addition to the possibility of having hair dreadlocks, not washing your hair regularly can cause knots, tangles and possibly oil buildup. The oils that are formed inside our hair are healthy, so long that you don’t allow them to get too much when you don’t brush your hair regularly. To ensure good hair be sure to brush your hair at the beginning and at the end of each day.

4. Not Using Helpful Hair Products

As we’ve mentioned the use of a hair detangler is an essential and even necessary item to have. The advantages of using a detangler or leave-in conditioner aren’t limited to making hair easier to brush. They also contain nutritious ingredients for your hair to keep them shiny and healthy, including preventing split ends! Are you not sure what hair product you should use? When you next go at hair stylists for a haircut take the time to ask their advice – they’re the experts! These products don’t need to be expensive as a small bottle of detangler or conditioner can cost just $5. When you consider the factor that you’re investing in your hair’s health and a healthy scalp, that’s a low cost to pay!

5. Brushing Too Often

We understand, you want to look stunning and make the most of your hair days. However, combing your hair all day may do more harm than good. It’s true that you only need to brush your hair twice every day. More than that and you’re in danger of creating the possibility of friction (frizz) and causing damage to the hair cuticle. If you’re wanting to comb your hair during the day, apply your fingers to smooth it out. It’s less stressful on your locks.

6. You Don’t Clean Your Hair Brush

We’re sure you’ve never considered cleaning your hairbrush. The majority of people just collect hair from their brushes to dispose of it and forget about it, but giving your hair comb a thorough clean regularly is vital to stop the emergence of nasty bacteria from growing. Every week, you should soak the hair brush with a mixture of warm shampoo and water. Then allow it to dry in the air. It’s easy!


How many of these hair blunders did you make? There are so many hair care articles available, and contradicting information from stylists that it’s difficult to determine what the “right” solution is for your particular head of hair. If you’re applying shampoo to your hair frequently and combing it regularly, you’re likely secure. However, the mistakes mentioned above are important to keep an eye on so you can rest at ease knowing your locks are well-maintained.


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