Long bob haircuts are the slightly safer, forever chic siblings of the shorter bob. Often shortened to the silly sounding ‘lob’, a long bob is actually a very sophisticated hairstyle that saves the hassle of long hair but flatters in the exact same way. You cannot go wrong with a lob haircut, so why not take the plunge and opt for the chop? To get you ready for the change, we explain exactly what lobs are and how they differ from other bob haircuts. Then we’ll help you figure out which lob haircut is right for you based on your face shape and hair type. To finish things off, we have 50 examples of chic long bob haircuts that will get you excited for the big change! A lob is a portmanteau of the words ‘long’ and ‘bob’. Whereas regular bobs usually end somewhere between the ears and just beneath the jaw, long bob haircuts are a little longer, starting a few inches below the chain and going down as low as right under the shoulders. Lob hairstyles are especially popular haircuts for women wanting to ease their way into shorter hairstyles. When compared to short ones, long bobs are usually much easier to style on different face shapes, since differences of inches don’t make as big of an impact. The main difference is how the cut is shaped near the front of the face.

Long Bob Haircuts for Oval-Shaped Faces

An oval face shape is probably the most common face shape, where the face is slightly elongated and both chin and forehead are a bit more pinched, while the cheeks are the widest part of the face. Since an oval face shape is so balanced, you should focus more on your hair type and personal preferences when choosing a long bob. Nearly all long bobs will have a flattering impact on your face!

What Is Lob Haircut?

Long Bob Haircuts for Round-Shaped Faces

A rounded face is easy to recognize, since the features are soft, and the width and length of the face are about the same. With this kind of face shape, a long bob can really help to sharpen your features a little. First things first, opt for a deep side part in order to lengthen your features, especially if you’re going for a shoulder-length lob or shorter. For lobs that hang just below the shoulders, a middle part can have a lengthening effect as well. Depending on your preference, you can stick to a blunt lob or opt for subtle layering. Avoid having very short layers around the face, or too many short layers parallel to the ears even if they are a little far from the face, since these can make your features look wider. Choppy under layers can work well, however. When it comes to styling your lob, stick to straight hair, beachy blowouts, or brushed out waves. Stay away from large curls or waves, especially if your hair isn’t naturally curly.

Long Bob Haircuts for Square-Shaped Faces

A square face is all angles, with a powerful jawline and squared off forehead. Keira Knightley is a great example of a woman who knows how to rock a very flattering long bob, sometimes in a way that softens her features and other times in a way that highlights their power. For a softer effect, keep your long bob parted to the side so that it covers some of your forehead, and ensure that the strands at the front of your face hang over your ears rather than tucked behind them, so they can cover the sharpest angles of your jaw. Keep it styled in either tousled waves or a soft blowout. On the other hand, you can rely on your lob to highlight your features by styling it straight, layering the front to show off your jaw, and sticking to a middle part. You can also opt for a blended and balanced look that combines a few softening elements and a few emphasizing elements.

How to Choose the Best Long Bob Haircuts for Your Face Shape

Long Bob Haircuts for Heart-Shaped Faces

Those with heart-shaped faces have slightly larger foreheads, with narrow jawlines and chin, and perhaps with sharper cheekbones. The key when choosing a long bob that will flatter your heart face shape is to find something that will balance out the wider parts and narrower parts. Side bangs and straight-across bangs alike are great for obscuring the hairline, while having a lot of volumizing layers at around chin length helps to balance out the narrow jawline. Focus on long bob haircuts that have added texture at the bottom half, as they will look best, and style the hair accordingly, staying away from pin-straight looks and going for waves instead.

Long Bob Haircuts for Diamond-Shaped Faces

Those with a diamond face shape usually have very sharp features, with a narrow forehead and jawline. It’s a delicate face shape that can be easily overwhelmed by extremely volumized lob hairstyles. Fortunately, your face shape is most suited for the intense, pin-straight blunt bob, because there is no roundness in your features for it to clash with, but they are also delicate enough that nothing looks severe. The best styling for you would be loosely wavy or straight.

How to Choose the Best Long Bob Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

Choosing Long Bob Haircuts for Your Hair Type

Your hair type also matters when it comes to choosing the right long bob for you. It doesn’t impact length as much, but it certainly affects the way you will want to layer and style your lob.

Long Bob Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Long bobs are much easier to rock than short bobs when your hair is curly, because your curls are less likely to bunch up into weird square or triangular shapes. Curls are often a little heavy, so the best long bob would be styled with careful shaping and layering, so that your hair naturally falls into a comfortable place. Since the difference between good layering and bad layering is often just a few millimetres of hair, it’s important that you visit a hair stylist who specializes in cutting curly hair.

Long Bob Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

Long bobs and wavy hair are a match made in heaven. There is something so soft yet modern about a wavy long bob, which is why it is the most popular styling choice these days. The key with your hair type is to stay away from overly short layers near the front of the face, though razoring elsewhere can look great, especially if your hair is very thick. Blunt bobs can also look great with wavy hair, so don’t feel like you must be a slave to layers.

How to Choose the Best Long Bob Haircuts for Your Hair Type


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