Purple, the color of femininity; blue, the color of intelligence and strength. Together, they are a symbol of feminine strength, and also rather aesthetically pleasing! Blue and purple are great for highlights. But you can experiment with midnight and galaxy hair blends as well. Go intense, bright, or light according to your choice and mood to make your unique statement. All you have to do is choose the blue and purple shades that complement your skin tone and undertone. Blue and purple hair comes in a variety of combinations and shades as well as the intensity of brightness.The trend of blending these two colors has existed for a while already. It emerged in New York back in the late 1970-s. And today’s fashionistas owe this trend to the punk rock culture that passed the baton to celebs. Who wouldn’t want to rock their favorite shades as a hair color? But the appeal and allure goes deeper than that. Blue and purple evoke this really enchanting, fairytale vibe that is captivating and a little magical. What do you need to know about the trendy blue and purple hair color combo to look amazing with it? Since blue and purple are cool-toned colors, they look best on skin with a cool undertone (faint hints of pink or blue in your skin). That’s not to say you can’t rock blue and purple hair if you have a warm undertone. But you may want to steer toward warmer purple and blue shades to make sure the colors suit your complexion. Speaking of using specific shades that will best flatter your skin tone and complexion, you’ve got a lot of options here. Purple encompasses shades from the deepest violet and orchid tones to bright, silvery ultraviolet and pinkish mauve. You’ll even find warmer-toned purples like magenta and fuchsia in the spectrum. Blue shades range from rich blue-black, indigo, and sapphire shades to bright ice blue, neon blue, and periwinkle. The idea is to mix and match blue and purple hair color shades to build out a custom, creative color of your own! And with so many shades to choose from with undertones that range from ice-cold to slightly warmer, there’s a blue and purple combo to suit every complexion. Another thing to consider is how you want to place and apply your color. Let’s discover marvellous looks with purple and blue hair. This color combo is so hot that it definitely deserves your attention.

Galaxy Layers

Galaxy Layers

This look features a playful, wavy bob energized by a blend of electric blues and purples, creating a bold statement that’s both eye-catching and fun. The waves add movement and body, giving the colors a lively dance.

Short Bob With Blue And Purple Hair

Blue And Purple Hair Looks That Will Amaze You #bobhaircut #wavybob #bobhairstyle

Do you like the mesmerizing shades of blue and purple shown in this picture? Great! But which hues will work for you? If your skin has a warm undertone like olive or yellow, go for warmer blue and purple hues. And in case you have a cool undertone, it’s better to choose dye in cool shades of purple and blue.

Blue Bob Hairstyle With Purple Ombre

Blue Bob Hairstyle With Purple Ombre #shortbob #bobhaircut #wavybob

Keep in mind that this hair color can be achieved only if you get your tresses bleached. Well, unless your natural hair color is platinum blonde, of course. Most bright, unnatural shades are not permanent. It means that they can’t lift your hair color lighter, comparing to its current state. Such dye can only deposit color. Thus, pre-bleaching is something inevitable if you go for dye, not for alternative hair coloring techniques.

Oceanic Dreams: Cascading Purple to Blue Locks

Oceanic Dreams: Cascading Purple to Blue Locks

This hairstyle embodies the essence of the ocean’s depth, with its rich purple roots flowing into a sea of vibrant turquoise and blue waves. The hair is styled in long, cascading curls, tied at the back to add an extra touch of elegance and show off the stunning color transition.

Blue And Purple Curly Mohawk Hair Style

Blue And Purple Curly Mohawk Hair Style #mohawk #mohawkhairstyle #shortwavyhair

This bright purple and blue curly Mohawk is so daring. And what will it take to get such a hair color? Well, we can tell you that do not expect to get it at once. It is a process. First, the tresses are bleached. But this will cause damage. So, the health of your tresses should be restored before adding some color. And there is a chance that bleaching the tresses once won’t be enough.

Straight Layered Bob Haircut With Blue And Purple Color

Straight Layered Bob Haircut With Blue And Purple Color #shortbob #bobhaircut

We really love this blue and purple short hair style for its vividness and ability to attract much attention. But is it possible to achieve such an outstanding result without any bleach? Well, only if you agree to get a temporary result, then yes, it is possible.

Bob Haircut With Bangs For Blue And Purple Hair

Bob Haircut With Bangs For Blue And Purple Hair #shortbob #bobhaircut

This inverted bob haircut with a bang appears spectacular when paired with a purple and blue combo. And we can conclude that it is either a fresh dye job or the color was maintained properly.

Galaxy Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Galaxy Wavy Bob Hairstyle #wavybob #bobhaircut

A wavy bob is eye catching on its own, but when you have blue and purple hair, we can guarantee that all eyes will be on you wherever you go. And these soft waves accentuate the vivid hues so nicely, don’t you agree?

Sleek Round Bob

Sleek Round Bob

The clean lines of this sleek round bob are softened by the playful color transition, making it a fresh, youthful choice.

Pastel Blue And Purple Coloring For Medium Hair

Pastel Blue And Purple Coloring For Medium Hair #wavyhairstyle #mediumlengthhair

This light blue and purple combo works awesome for this medium length hairstyle. But how to achieve this pastel miracle? Stylists point out that the tresses must be platinum to go pastel. For that, they will be not only bleached but also toned with special toner. Another option is to go brighter and wait until the shades fade. And sometimes hair colorists tone down the vivid dye by mixing it with conditioner by half.


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