If you’re bored with your current hair and you want a fresh new style, a long pixie cut may be a great idea for you! There are many different types of long pixie haircuts. It may be neat and proportional or bold and asymmetrical; with an undercut, longer on top or with a long front; curly, messy, wispy, shaggy, choppy, etc. If you don’t know where to start browsing, there’s good news for you! We’ve collected 20 good examples of different long pixie hairstyles. While a classic short pixie cut is known to be a bold, statement-making move, a long pixie cut has something more to offer. Of course, short hair has never limited ladies with styling ideas. Yet, once you let your pixie run wild and become a bit longer, you will reveal the new angles of its potential. Embraced by the likes of Ruby Rose, Viola Davis, and Charlize Theron, the long pixie cut has become synonymous with confidence and versatility in the realm of celebrity hair fashion. This article delves into the allure of the elongated pixie, a style that maintains the boldness of its shorter counterpart while offering the femininity and styling flexibility of longer strands. The long pixie cut (or any pixie haircut) is certainly not for the faint of heart. This cropped style is bold and attention-grabbing, and it simply oozes confidence. Transitioning from long hair to a pixie cut can be freeing and a little scary. Many women who have traded longer locks in favor of the long pixie haircut have talked about the freedom of wearing such a short and carefree style. Not to mention cutting most of your hair off will cut your styling routine time in half too!

Long Voluminous Pixie

Amazing Long Pixie For Your Stylish And Dramatic Look #blondehair #shorthair

There are countless reasons for making your pixie cut long. And the most crucial one is the eternal space for styling experiments. By adding some length on top, you just enlarge the canvas for your imagination. For example, look at this bold and super voluminous pixie. It’s punky, sassy, and, most importantly, attention-grabbing due to the full and textured top.

Long Pixie Cut For Fine Hair

Long Pixie Cut For Fine Hair #finehair #blondehair

Here you can see how a customized long pixie cut for fine hair takes the texture to the next level. The slightly shaved sides highlight the longer top, thus balancing out the whole look. Volume, harmony, and a perfect silhouette of the outweighed sides are a dream come true.

Long Pixie Cut For Thick Hair

Long Pixie Cut For Thick Hair #brownhair #thickhair

Since thick hair stands out for its unruly behavior, it needs a special approach. This haircut features choppy layers that lighten up and enhance the texture at the same time. In this way, even the thickest mane can get into a well-balanced shape.

Long Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

Long Pixie Cut For Thin Hair #blondehair #thinhair

As for a long pixie cut for thin hair, it has many faces. Some ladies make their weak locks appear fuller with layers and accurately tapered sides whereas others do it the easy way. And the idea we’re talking about is showcased in the pic. The sides and back are shaved to one length while the top sweeps to the side. In this way, with the help of the length contrast, the top appears unbelievably voluminous.

Pixie Cut + Shaved Design

Pixie Cut + Shaved Design #coloredhair #shavedhair

This angular, choppy pixie is here to remind you that your imagination has no bounds. It’s still a short haircut, which means you can play around with the shorter or shaved sides. Ladies who love standing out in the crowd go for shaved designs that are actually pretty popular these days.

Long Pixie Cut With Shaved Sides

The Hottest Variations Of A Long Pixie Cut To Look Flawless

Getting your sides shaved is the best way to enhance the volume and movement on the top. Moreover, pixie cuts offer loads of options to choose from: it can be anything from clean fade to a gradual taper. The point is, when you shave off the sides, the top gets into a spotlight. So if you love to play with textures, look no further.

Mohawk Pixie Hairstyle

Mohawk Pixie hairstyle #mohawk #undercut

Pixie is as feminine as it’s daring, so don’t worry: you will surely reveal your best sides with this cut! It’s short enough to keep your look edgy and low-maintenance, and long enough to let you experiment with lots of styling choices. This mohawk embraces courage and sexuality, which is a great combo for a modern woman!

Pompadour Hairstyle

Pompadour Hairstyle #fade #pompadour

Some rock ’n’ rolling flare won’t hurt your look, especially when you want to brighten up your days. Despite being a men’s hairstyle originally, women of now have already adopted the Pompadour. And, needless to say, girls pull it off successfully! This haircut is neat and balanced due to the cleanly tapered sides and gently teased styled top.

Chic Pixie Cut with Playful Texture

Dark Pixie Cut

A modern twist on the classic pixie, this haircut boasts a subtle volume at the crown that transitions into delicately textured layers, offering a contemporary edge to a timeless silhouette.

Effortless Tousled Pixie

Long Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

This tousled pixie cut offers an air of casual sophistication with its natural movement and easy grace. Its swept-back style highlights the facial features, making it a versatile choice for any occasion.


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