Red hair comes in a myriad of forms, and there are so many possible red hair shades you can consider embracing. In this article, we’ll give you a thorough red hair color dictionary that defines all of the different red hair shades. Warm red hair shades have a lot of yellow and orange in them. When the red hair is more natural looking, it can definitely work for those with pale, cool skin, although the more extreme shades tend to work best against skin that is on the warmer side.

Bright Copper Red Hair

Copper hair is the classic red hair color that first comes to mind when one imagines a natural redhead, even though this shade rarely occurs this vividly naturally, and may require the help of a deft hair colorist. It’s a warm, bright shade of red with a lot of orange to it – think Merida from the film Brave. This red hair color is spunky and fun, and it works best for those with fare skin.

Red Hair Shades & Color Ideas: Bright Copper Red Hair

Ginger Red Hair

Ginger hair is actually much closer to what people have naturally, since it is a warm tone that sits somewhere between red, blonde, and brown. This red hair color contrasts nicely against cool skin, but it can also bring out unflattering red undertones if the skin is sensitive.

Red Hair Shades & Color Ideas: Ginger Red Hair Color

Crimson Copper Hair

This is a brighter shade of red hair that is also quite deep and a touch darker than a bright copper shade. It is decidedly warm toned, but in a neutral place that suits most skin tones. It also works beautifully to bring out blue eyes.

Red Hair Shades & Color Ideas: Crimson Copper Hair Color

Ginger Auburn Hair

This light auburn shade is comprised of a very light golden tone with just a hint of copper, for light brownish red hair. It is a natural shade perfect for those who are just easing their way into red hair colors, especially if they’re starting out with blonde or light brown hair.

Red Hair Shades & Color Ideas: Ginger Auburn Hair Color

Medium Auburn Hair

Medium auburn is more of a light brown hair look with just hints of red and lots of gold, and is a great way for brunettes to slowly switch over to red hair colors. It’s a great color choice for most skin tones, and works especially well with green eyes.

Red Hair Shades & Color Ideas: Medium Auburn Hair Color

Golden Ginger Hair

This shade is a bit more golden than ginger auburn hair, and is a great way for blondes to switch over to red. It is spicy and warm, and contrasts beautifully against tan skin.

Red Hair Shades & Color Ideas: Golden Ginger Hair Color

Dark Auburn Hair

This one is the darkest of the warm brown-red shades. It infuses chocolate brown with hints of coppery red, for a gorgeous look that suits most skin tones. It is a great way for those with darker brown hair to infuse a warm touch, especially in time for autumn.

Red Hair Shades & Color Ideas: Dark Auburn Hair Color

Electric Orange Hair

Warm red hair colors don’t have to look natural – they can also be in your face and bright, like a bright yellow-orange that is like ginger hair on crack. Electric orange hair is the kind of color best achieved by a professional, as it is loud and bright and definitely most appropriate for summer.

Red Hair Shades & Color Ideas: Electric Orange Hair Color

Strawberry Blonde Hair

Everyone is familiar with this light blonde shade that has just a hint of red in it, but without too much orange. Unlike light auburn, strawberry blonde hair color is much less muted and is in fact quite bright. It’s a great complement to fair, cool skin. It is sometimes also known as rose gold hair.

Red Hair Shades & Color Ideas: Strawberry Blonde Hair Color


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