Here we would focus on the curtains that are mostly destined for dumpsters after a decided period of time and are too expensive to buy again! Check out this list of DIY Home Decor Ideas using Old Curtains that will really make you fall in love with your old curtains you will replace!

The old curtain comes with plenty of fabric that can be thought smartly in several ways to serve again at home! These ideas will really help you to create something mind-blowing out of your old curtains without spending a lot of time or money! So go smartly, make genius use of your creative brain and start making the lovable and functional things again out of your retired fabric curtain!

If you are planning to toss your old curtains, then after peeking into these amazing re-purposed curtain ideas, you would immediately change your mind. The old curtains can be cropped and used as a shower curtain to separate the bathing and toilet section. They are also the perfect material to use for slip coves of the sofa and chairs, and if they are pretty-printed, they can turn out to be awfully gorgeous wall art pieces as well.

Then they can be turned into some small yet functional things like napkins, table cloths, draft dodges, drop cloth, room divider, baby quilt, and much, much more.

Old Curtain and Picture Frame Floating Headboard:

repurposed old curtain and old picture frame floating headboard

Old Curtain into Shower Curtain:

repurposed old curtain into Shower Curtain

Old Curtain Bed Canopy:

self-made old curtain bed canopy

Old Curtain Quick Table Runner:

repurposed old curtain table runner

Apron Made Out of An Old Curtain:

old curtain aprons DIY

Easy Old Curtain Napkins:

old curtain napkins

Beautiful Old Curtain or Fabric Garland:

beautiful garland made out of old curtain

Old Curtain Market Bag:

market bag made out of old curtain

Closet Doors Made of Old Curtains:

instant closet doors made out of old curtains


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