We know that fine hair is no piece of cake. It doesn’t hold volume, gets greasy in a twinkle and looks poor when pulled into a pony or braid. And yes, styling products can help, but many of them (like the much-vaunted dry shampoos) just make your locks feel stringy. Well, our fresh collection of hairstyles for fine hair will prove that it’s not all that bad.

Angled Bob:

This short bob is angled to the front to enhance a lift on the crown with lighter strands, while the cool choppy texture is created through razor-cut tips.

Razor-Cut Short Angled Bob

Bob with Light Layers:

This lovely bob falls into the short to medium category, giving more freedom in styling and sparkling with movement and texture gained through subtle layers and sliced ends.

Short To Medium Bob With Subtle Layers

Shoulder Length Shag:

Coming in a frosty shade of blonde, this medium length shag boasts much disconnection, emphasized by a messy finish. A great option for thin fine hair, indeed.

Blonde Medium Length Shag

Side-Parted Bob:

Having a long face, this smart girl got a round-shaped bob with a volumizing flip to one side and a width-adding texture.

Round-Shaped Bob For A Long Face

Geometric Cut:

For round faces, angles and a structured shape are the best friends, adding the required sharpness, like these straight bangs and a geometric cut do.

Geometric Bob With Bangs For Round Faces

Blunt Bob:

While oval faces can pull off almost any cut, this one is blunt to create density on the bottom and rooty to gain depth on the crown.

Blunt Bob For Oval Faces

Bob with Subtle Layers:

Short blunt bobs work fine for fine hair, adding it density and lightness for a better lift at the roots. But don’t forget about movement created with subtle layers!

Short Blunt Bob With Subtle Layers

Messy Waves:

Hairstyles for thin hair work pretty well when properly textured, and a curling iron can do the trick. This jaw-length bob combines an undercut and messy waves to bring out the max volume and body, texture and dynamics.

Messy Jaw-Length Bob

Shoulder Length Platinum Bob:

However, you can choose this longer and straighter version, coupled with a glossy platinum blonde shade and shadow roots.

Longer Platinum Bob With Shadow Roots

Low-Maintenance Bob:

Slightly graduated and softly shaped, this bob retains most of the hair density in spite of its upper layers added for movement. In addition, it’s very easy to maintain: everything you need is 10 minutes, a round brush and a blow dryer.

Slightly Graduated Bob

Blunt Bob with Highlights:

This girl rocks fine straight hair blunt on the bottom, yet nicely layered all throughout the length for some texture and vibe.

Short Layered Cut For Fine Straight Hair

Shag with Textured Bangs:

Haircuts for thin hair can look very hot, just look at this awesome blonde shag. Although one-color, it’s no less dimensional thanks to a lift at the roots, messy styling and a full textured fringe we can’t but adore.

Blonde Shag Bob With A Textured Fringe

Blunt Bob with Subtle Layers:

A blunt bob can come with blended layers that are almost invisible, still creating some texture. Pair it with a long side fringe like this girl does.

Blunt Bob With A Long Side Fringe

Lob with Bangs:

Yet, when choosing cut with bangs, why not to steal this arresting jagged fringe hitting the eyebrows? It’s cool, and it chimes with the pieceyness of the cut.

Medium Jagged Cut With Bangs

Messy Bob:

This chin length bob gives a clue to those growing out their crops. It’s masterfully disheveled and colored to hide the awkward stage.

Disheveled Chin-Length Bob Crop

Straight Bob:

Ladies with stick-straight hair should red-flag this bob, which is nicely layered on the back to emphasize its graduated shape.

Graduated Bob For Stick-Straight Hair

Ear-Tucked Lob:

Haircuts for fine hair work like magic when coupled with the right coloring. The playful lob here is all joy with its glowing balayage, messy waves, a strand tucked behind the ear and dimensional locks flipped to the side.

Messy Lob With Blonde BalayageAll in all, piece-y pixies and blunt bob cuts are the best haircuts for fine hair, the safest choices for fine-haired girls who want to make their hair look thicker. Obviously, there are plenty of other volume-boosting styles you can try, but it’s better to discuss them with your hairdresser based on your hair density, face shape, styling abilities and personal preferences.


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