Your face shape, hair texture and personality – these are cornerstones to finding the perfect bob haircut. Hair experts say that the bob fits almost any woman with very few exceptions. So, the problem is to figure out which bob is destined for you. There are different types of bobs – blunt, A-line, stacked, straight, wavy, choppy and more. Make yourself comfortable and delve into the world of bob haircuts and hairstyles with us.

Choosing Haircut by Hair Length:

It’s the first thing you bump into when researching bob hairstyles. Though historically the bob originated from a short cut of about the ear length, present-day versions can flow below the ears and even down to the collarbone. Obviously, the length of the haircut can change any silhouette dramatically, and you need to decide how much you are ready to show.

Long Bob Haircuts:

The long bob, often reduced to lob, is a shoulder-skimming alternative to the classic bob haircut. When looking for a modern cut to get rid of your long tresses or, vice versa, when growing out your short hair, the lob should be the first option to consider.

Choppy Angled Blonde Lob With Bangs

Straight Light Brown Balayage Bob

Shaggy Blonde Bob With Shadow Roots

Angled Black Bob With Layers And Bangs

Textured Blonde Bob With Curtain Bangs

Bronde Choppy Wavy Lob

Medium Bob Haircuts:

Medium bob haircuts are diverse in lengths, shapes and textures to suit any taste, but we also praise them for easy maintenance. Unlike the short bob that is more demanding in styling, the mid-length allows for this effortless wash and go look, which is so hot today. However, the above-the-shoulder haircut has some limitations.

Centre-Parted Shaggy Bronde Bob

Shaggy Ash Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Blunt Blonde Bob With Root Shadow

Black A-Line Bob With Side Bangs

Ash Blonde Sliced Bob With Bangs

Chin Length Bob Haircuts:

The chin-length bob is kind of traditional, but by no means old-fashioned. The length is a go-to option for fine, thin or oily hair, since it’s less likely to lose volume or look greasy, which is often the case with longer hairstyles. Besides, the chin-grazing bob offers unparalleled framing for prominent cheekbones and an exquisite bone structure, if you happen to have one.

Black Inverted Bob With Purple Babylights

Choppy Angled Bob For Fine Hair

Layered Black Bob With Razored Ends

Chocolate Bob With Copper Balayage

Disconnected Choppy Bronde Bob

Bob Haircuts by Hair Type:

Bob hairstyles mix well with all hair types, but you need to find the perfect one to show your hair texture at its best. Blunt ends give body to fine hair, while thick hair looks cute when debulked and textured.

Wavy Brunette Bob For Thick HairBlending large waves and razor cut ends, this bob is really of-the-moment, and it flatters thick hair perfectly.

Bronde Peek-A-Boo Bob For Fine HairTucked behind the ear on one side, this rounded bob takes on an extra volume that fine hair requires, thanks to the deep side parting.

Cool Blonde Wavy LobChopped and textured, this thin hair is anything but looking flat. Shadow roots and a bunch of shades in the color scheme do an awesome volumizing job.

Angled Warm Brown Bob With Blonde HighlightsA choppy bob is the right choice for wavy hair, but you can make your hairstyle even edgier if choosing an angled variety like this one.

Bob Haircuts According to Face Shapes:

Blonde Wavy Lob With Bangs For Long FacesLong bangs and some extra volume on the sides hit the spot, when we need to visually shorten and widen long faces. These waves are perfectly placed to get the desired effect.

Blonde Shaggy Bob With Off-Centre PartThe best you can do for your oval face is to avoid an imbalance caused by excessive elongating. These soft waves frame the face beautifully, giving enough texture and volume on the sides.

Bob Hairstyle For Square FacesThis side swept bang shifts the focus from the square jaw line to the eyes, while lose waves soften the shape.

Shaggy Wavy Centre-Parted BobTry the messy bob with below-the-chin front tresses to make your heart shaped face seem more oval without emphasizing the pointed jaw line.

Bob Haircuts with Bangs:

Honey Blonde Lob With Long Side Bangs

Angled Textured Brunette Bob With Bangs

Curly Bob With Full Straight Bangs

Brunette Angled Lob With Light Brown Balayage

Best Bob Haircut Ideas:

Sleek Steeply Angled Black Bob

Edgy Wavy Bronde Bob

Voluminous Layered Light Brown Bob

High Contrast Blonde Bob With Dark Roots

Short Voluminous Ash Blonde Bob

Straight Blunt Brown Balayage Bob

Layered Inverted Bob With Highlights

Voluminous Chocolate Brown Pixie Bob

Sleek Rounded Inverted Bob

Bronde Ombre Balayage Lob For Fine Hair

Pinkish Blonde Layered Bob

Black Angled Bob With Choppy LayersTo sum things up, we want to bring into focus the importance of creating a customized look through taking into account your facial features, hair density and texture, as well as other personal features. Good luck for your next look with these hottest bob haircuts!


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