Winter brings the loveliest of all the fantasies, and as long as Frozen has entered our lives, snowflakes are quite the charmers, now! There are so many ways to enjoy the presence of snowflakes in our lives. They can also be the huge frozen charmer, which by the way, you can make colored papers and add them to your decor! You can actually put these giant snowflakes on the wall of your living room or on the windows while you and your little ones wait for the real snowy days to arrive!

1. DIY Giant Paper Snowflake

DIY Giant Paper Snowflake TutorialWho says a paper snowflake has to be small? Make those giant, fabulous DIY paper snowflakes for your room decor to welcome winters or even when you have the holiday season on.

2. Make Paper Snowflakes

Make Paper Snowflakes – 2 Different WaysA snowflake with some jingle bells on a wall or on a tree is a perfect way to welcome the most awaited season of the year.

3. DIY Better Paper Snowflakes

DIY Better Paper Snowflakes

4. Easy DIY Paper Snowflakes

Easy DIY Paper Snowflakes

5. 3D Snowflakes

Make 3D Snowflakes for Kids

6. DIY Sparkling Pink Snowflake Garland

DIY Sparkling Pink Snowflake GarlandKids would love to create these with the help of supplies like cardstocks in shades of pink, rose gold, or copper, scissors, twine thread, and sewing thread to match the jute.

7. Over-Sized Snowflake

How to Make Over Sized Snowflake

8. Dala Horse Snowflakes

Make Your Own Dala Horse SnowflakesHorses and snowmen crafts are an ideal representation of holiday, this holiday season decorates your living room with these Dala Horse snowflakes.

9. Psychedelic Snowflake

Easy to Make Psychedelic Snowflake

10. DIY Giant Paper Snowflakes

DIY Giant Paper Snowflakes


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