Bob hairstyles have been in style for a long time. Especially after Marilyn Monroe carried the bob with grace, the craze for bob hairstyles has increased drastically.

Nowadays, we see many people experimenting with different styles, with age being no limit. Check out these gorgeous medium bob hairstyles and try one for yourself.

A-Line Bob:

Looking for a hairstyle that never goes out of fashion? A-Line bob is the one for you. A-Line bob is fun and versatile to sport and suits most of the face shapes. An a-line cut usually refers to a haircut that is shorter at the back and longer on the sides, mirroring the shape of the alphabet A. Usually, the hair curls under your chin and gives you a gorgeous look.

A-Line Bob

Ash Blonde Bob With Bangs:

Bid goodbye to long hair. Bobs are the new fashion trend. And if blonde is your color, then you should try out ash blonde bob with bangs. Giving you a girl next door look, you will steal the limelight. Bangs are always sent to enhance the bearer’s features and when combined with a bob will definitely be a head turner and show stealer.

Ash Blonde Bob with Bangs

Asymmetrical A-Line Bob:

Symmetry in bob is too common. Spice up your style by going for an asymmetrical A-line bob, where one side of your hair is longer than the other. It gives you an edgy look and a lot of room to experiment. Usually, people are extremely cautious while trying out a hair style that has asymmetry involved as they fear that it might look bad on them. However, asymmetrical a-line bob works for every person, irrespective of their frame.

Asymmetrical A-line Bob

Asymmetrical Natural Blonde Bob:

Bob cut on a blonde just looks amazing. This is one hairstyle that needs very little maintenance and gives you a unique and never seen before look. Asymmetrical bob literally means that the length of your hair is longer on one side when compared to the other and this asymmetry is the best part of this style.

Asymmetrical Natural Blonde Bob

Blonde Sombre Hair:

Usually, people associate the word subtle with sombre hairstyle. However, it is far from the truth. Blending the lighter shade with the darker shade is one technique that never gets old. Go for this style, if you want to make a vigorous and bold impression.

Blonde Sombre Hair

Center Part Balayage Bob:

If you like to experiment with different hairstyles or are looking for a unique and new style, the center part balayage bob is the right fit for you. It gives you a natural look, and no matter what your face frame is, it will rock your looks.

Center Part Balayage Bob

Choppy Bob:

Have hair of shorter length? Then you should try out choppy bob style. It gives your style the extra fashion points that you are looking for and at the same time give you a classic and stylish look. Additionally, numerous variations can be done with this hairstyle and hence makes it one of the most flexible and versatile hairstyle.

Choppy Bob

Curled Inverted Bob:

This is a usual bob with a modern twist. If you are bored of the same old bob cut, then the obvious step is to add some modern elements to your style, and this is what you will get with a curled inverted bob. An inverted bob is very similar to the a-line bob with the addition of layers. This style gives your hair a curved shape rather than a sharp frame.

Curled Inverted Bob

Grey Bob With Layers:

Tired of the blonde and chocolate brown colors? Want to experiment with your bob. Then go for a grey bob with layers. It gives you a unique and beautiful look, and the layers give your hair its much-needed volume.

Grey Bob with Layers

Medium Wavy Bob:

Want to have a princess look? Styling our hair with waves will definitely get the job done. If you have a bob, then wavy nature of your hair will do wonders. Wavy hair is always a desired hairstyle and is extremely popular. And combine it with a bob, and you will have an amazing style that is chic, unique and at the same time graceful.

Medium Wavy Bob

Medium Wavy Casual Bob:

Are you a big fan of messy or casual hairstyle? Why not try casual bob with waves? Casual hairstyle always gives a charming look.

Medium Wavy Casual Bob

Platinum Blonde Bob:

Platinum is the new color that is rocking the fashion industry. And the combination of platinum and blonde is breathtaking. It gives you a new and innovative never seen before look. Most importantly, you will stand out in a crowd if you sport this hairstyle.

Platinum Blonde Bob

Sleek Angular Bob:

Angular bob speaks volumes. If you want a change in your style, then you should try out sleek angular bob. Angular bob gives your hair a beautiful shape. People also try coloring their angular bob. The most common and appealing style is to have golden streaks. They seem to go exceptionally well with sleek angular bob.

Sleek Angular Bob

Sleek Side Bob:

Bob is a fantastic hairstyle and when parted to the side, gives a look that is irresistible and is suitable for every occasion. As the name suggests this style gives you a sleek look and also gives you a look where large volume of your hair is concentrated on one side. This is very similar to having a side part.

Sleek Side Bob

Stacked Violet Balayage Bob:

Streaks of violet on your hair work like a charm. Balayage style is still pretty new in the industry and is only becoming popular. A combination of violet with a balayage bob is priceless. This hair style will definitely give you an alluring aura and the color violet helping you make a bold statement.

Stacked Violet Balayage Bob


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