Short shag haircuts are created with the help of the razor cutting technique aimed at producing more texture on short hair. Short shag haircuts, be it a bold shaggy pixie or an eye-catching shaggy bob, all feature multiple choppy layers that result in a trendy messy hairstyle.

If you are lucky and your stylist is incredible in chic haircuts, feel free to sit down in a chair, give yourself into professional hands, and count on the best result. But, if the result feels a bit iffy, before choosing something from short shag haircuts (especially if it’s your first one), then we’re here to help you. Meet our compilation of short shag haircuts to get you inspired for your next trip to a hair stylist.

Best Short Shag Haircut Ideas:

Shorter Shag For Curly HairSpeaking of short shag hairstyles for curly hair, the main thing is not to overdo it. Better to make the haircut a little longer.

Lovely Short Cut For Thick Wavy HairJust have a look at how hot short shag hairstyles can be. Thick wavy hair can hold the shape of any haircut. A couple of touches with a curling iron – and a lovely look is ready.

Shaggy Layered BobWe’re in love with this amazing shaggy bob. Look how beautifully the layered loсks frame the face. No surprise that it’s the most popular messy bob haircut.

Angled Shaggy BobThe angled bob with loose waves will narrow down a round face and make its owner unforgettable. This cool shaggy bob is really flattering, isn’t it?

Messy Stacked BobHere comes one of our favs among short shag haircuts for women. Styled with soft bents, dressed up with large curls, or just smooth and shiny like glass – the stacked bob looks fantastic in any version.

Stylish Layered Pixie BobWhat about getting a cool pixie bob? This layered pixie-bob with an elevated crown looks very fresh and stylish, especially when coupled with sun-kissed strands.

Choppy Layered BobLooking for short shag haircuts for wavy hair? Here’s an idea! Ooze playful vibes with a choppy layered bob: its ragged ends and laid-back styling will help with that.

Short Messy HairstyleNowadays, short shag hairstyles have become a secret beauty weapon for courageous and gentle women. So, we have prepared some exciting ideas that can serve you as inspiration. Choose your style and cut away your uncertainty and fear of changes with a new stylish shaggy short haircut.

Wheat Blonde Shaggy BobNot that much into short shag haircuts to get a shaggy pixie bob? Then consider the classics that never go out of style: a fashionable medium length shag haircut with bangs and delicate waves is charming and easy-care.

Chin-Length Tousled BobWe love this awesome shag haircut for fine hair. Without any doubt, wispy strands with a lot of layers and half-moon bangs are just the thing for those with thin, wavy hair.

Short Shaggy Haircut For Gray HairThe chin-length bob favorably opens the neck, creating a very feminine and tender look. It goes well with side bangs and tousled layers.

Shaggy Pixie With UndercutGray hair is no longer a sign of age – it has become a trend. Those glorious shades can be safely used in combination with short shaggy haircuts, and yes, at any age.

Brunette Layered Bob ShagLooking for short shag haircuts that are sure to turn heads? Take a look at this cheeky trendy pixie with an undercut and long strands on the crown that will suit the most daring girls. It’s hard to come up with something more refreshing and spicy.

Very Short Shaggy Cut With UndercutThe laid-back aesthetics and soft lines of the French layered shag are perfect for brunettes with slightly wavy hair.

Tousled Bob With Shaggy LayersIf you like the way classic blunt bobs emphasize your bone structure but want to try something slightly different, add some shaggy layers to your favorite cut and go for tousled styling.


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